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  • Volume 87

    January 2017, Issue 1


    Estimation of source-to-sink mass balance by a fulcrum approach using channel paleohydrologic parameters of the Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Canada

    Wen Lin and Janok P. Bhattacharya

      Appendices 1 and 2



    February 2017, Issue 2 


    Provenance signatures recorded in transgressive sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Iberian Seaway

    Laura González-Acebrón, Carlos Pérez-Garrido, Ramón Mas, José Arribas, and Jens Götze

      Appendix 1



    April 2017, Issue 4


    How to interpret, understand, and predict stratal geometries using stratal-control spaces and stratal-control-space trajectories 

    Peter M. Burgess and Ron J. Steel

      stratSpaceGUI source code 

      ReadMe instructionss for stratSpacegui.m

      Eustacy ODF input file

      Subsidence PDF input file

      Supply PDF input file

      Trajectory input file 


    Chronostratigraphic correlation of lacustrine deposits using 87Sr/86Sr ratios, Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A.

    M’bark Baddouh, Alan R. Carroll, Stephen R. Meyers, Brian L. Beard, and Clark M. Johnson

      Table S1

      Table S2

      Table S3 



    May 2017, Issue 5 


    Continental paleotemperatures from an Early Cretaceous Dolomitic Lake, Gansu Province, China

    Marina B. Suarez, Gregory A. Ludvigson, Luis A. González, and Hai-Lu You

      XRD curves

      Raw and corrected clumped-isotope data

      XRD intensity data 

      Alternate temperature and water isotope data 



    June 2017, Issue 6


    Provenance of lower Paleogene strata in the Huerfano Basin: implications for uplift of the Wet Mountains, Colorado, U.S.A.

    Dirk M. Rasmussen and Brady Z. Foreman



    Siltstones across the Daptocephalus (Dicynodon) and Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zones, Karoo Basin, South Africa, show no evidence for aridification

    Jiawen Li, Robert A. Gastaldo, Johann Neveling, and John W. Geissman


      Supplemental Table 1

      Supplemental Table 2

      Supplemental Table 3

      Supplemental Table 4 


     July 2017, Issue 7


    Development of “phylloid-algal” carbonate mounds during regression: expanding the build-and-fill model

    Stephan C. Oborny, Bradley D. Cramer, Philip H. Heckel, Gregory A. Ludvigson, and Robert W. Henthorne

      Supplemental Data S1

      Supplemental Data S2

      Supplemental Data S3 (part 1)

      Supplemental Data S3 (part 2) 

      Supplemental Data S3 (part 3) 


    Evaluating controls on crevasse-splay size: implications for floodplain-basin filling

    Craig Millard, Elizabeth Hajek, and Doug A. Edmonds

      Supplement 1 

      Supplement 2 


     August 2017, Issue 8


    Fine-grained debris flows in coarse-grained alluvial systems: paleoenvironmental implications for the late Paleozoic Fountain and Cutler formations, Colorado, U.S.A.

    Dustin E. Sweet

       Fountain Formation Stratigraphic Column

       Cutler Formation Stratigraphic Column 


    A discontinuous ephemeral stream transporting mud aggregates in a continental rift basin: the Late Triassic Maleri Formation, India

    Sanghita Dasgupta, Parthasarathi Ghosh, and Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch

       Supplemental Table


    Interactions of a Paleocene river, a rising fold, and early-diagenetic concretions

    David B. Loope and Ross Secord

      Paleocurrent Diagrams 


    Discovery of Paleogene deposits of the central High Plains Aquifer in the western Great Plains, U.S.A.

    Jon J. Smith, Greg A. Ludvigson, Anthony Layzell, Andreas Möller, R. Hunter Harlow, Elijah Turner, Brian Platt, and Michael Petronis

       LA-ICP-MS-U-Pb Zircon Dataset 


    Hierarchical architecture of sequences and bounding surfaces in a depositional-dip transect of the fluvio-deltaic Ferron Sandstone (Turonian), southeastern Utah, U.S.A.

    Jesse T. Korus and Christopher R. Fielding

       Figure 12 


    September 2017, Issue 9 


    Petrography and environmental interpretation of tufa mounds and carbonate beds in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of southeastern Utah, U.S.A.

    Liam J. Dorney, Judith Totman Parrish, Marjorie A. Chan, and Stephen T. Hasiotis

      Supplemental Table 1

      Supplemental Table 2

      Supplemental Figure 1

      Supplemental Figure 1 Caption

      Supplemental Figure 2

      Supplemental Figure 2 Caption 



    November 2017, Issue 11


    Tracing transcontinental sand transport: from Anatolia–Zagros to the Rub' Al Khali Sand Sea

    Eduardo Garzanti, Pieter Vermeesch, Khalid Abdulsamad Al-Ramadan, Sergio Andò, Mara Limonta, Martin Rittner, and Giovanni Vezzoli

      Arabia and Gulf.kmz

      Datasets A1, A2, and A3

      Appendix A

      Appendix B 


    Quantifying mixed-process variability in shallow-marine depositional systems: What are sedimentary structures really telling us?

    Valentina M. Rossi, Mauricio M. Perillo, Ronald J. Steel, and Cornel Olariu

      Supplemental Tables 1 and 2


    Sandstone diagenesis in sediment-lava sequences: exceptional examples of volcanically driven diagenetic compartmentalization in Dune Valley, Huab Outliers, NW Namibia

    Clayton Grove, Dougal A. Jerram, Jon G. Gluyas, and Richard J. Brown

      Appendix 1

      Appendix 2

      Appendix 3 


  • Volume 86

    March 2016 Issue 3,


    Carbonate deposition in restricted basins: a pliocene case study from the central Mediterranean (northwestern Apennines), Italy

    Ronald Nalin, Massimiliano Ghinassi, Luca M. Foresi, and Edoardo Dallanave

        Supplement 1,  Supplement 2 


    April 2016  Issue 4,


    Microbial origin of early animal trace fossils?

    Giulio Mariotti, Sara B. Pruss, Xuyuan Ai, Jay T. Perron, and Tanya Bosak

       Supplemental Text,    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3    Video 4    Video 5    Video 6    Video 7

       Video 8    Video 9    Video 10    Video 11    Video 12 


    Campanian paleoseismites of the Elk Basin anticline, northern Bighorn Basin, U.S.A.: a record of initial Laramide deformation

    William T. Jackson, Jr., Mervin J. Bartholomew, William R. Dupré, Taylor F. Armstrong, and Kevin G. Stewart

       Supplemental File 


    May 2016 Issue 5,


    Sulfate–borate association (glauberite–probertite) in the Emet basin: implications for evaporite sedimentology (middle Miocene, Turkey)

    Federico Ortí, Laura Rosell, Javier García-Veigas, Cahít Helvaci

      Table A   Table B   Table C 


    Assessment of backwater controls on the architecture of distributary-channel fills in a tide-influenced coastal-plain succession: Campanian Neslen Formation, U.S.A.

    Luca Colombera, Michelle N. Shiers, and Nigel P. Mountney

      Description of Channel-Fills 


    Assessment of backwater controls on the architecture of distributary-channel fills in a tide-influenced coastal-plain succession: Campanian Neslen Formation, U.S.A.

    Luca Colombera, Michelle N. Shiers, and Nigel P. Mountney

      Supplemental Data 


    June 2016 Issue 6,


    Comparison of 226Ra/238U and 228Th/228Ra disequilibrium with weathering indices in beach sand sediments from Greece

    Argyrios Papadopoulos, Antonios Koroneos, Georgios Christofides, and Stylianos Stoulos

      Appendix A   Appendix B   Appendix C 


    Potassium distribution and metasomatism in pelites and schists: how and when, relation to postdepositional events

    Peter C. van de Kamp

      Appendix Table 1   Appendix References 


    The Lower Cretaceous Atzompa Formation in south-central Mexico: record of evolution from extensional backarc basin margin to carbonate platform

    María I. Sierra-Rojas, Roberto S. Molina-Garza, and Timothy F. Lawton

      Appendix A   Appendix B   Appendix B1   Appendix B2   Appendix B3   Appendix B4 

      Appendix C   Appendix C1   Appendix D 


    July 2016 Issue 7,


    Paleosol diagenesis and its deep-time paleoenvironmental implications, Pennsylvanian–Permian Lodève Basin, France

    Lauren A. Michel, Neil J. Tabor, and Isabel P. Montañez

      Appendix 1   Appendix 2 


    August 2016 Issue 8,


    Swell-dominated carbonates on a Mississippian ramp in the Canadian Rocky Mountain front ranges

    Edward J. Matheson, Robert W. Dalrymple, and Noel P. James

      Supplemental File 1   Supplemental File 2   Supplemental File 3 


    Basin analysis of the Albian–Santonian Xigaze forearc, Lazi region, South-Central Tibet

    Devon A. Orme and Andrew K. Laskowski

      Appendix 1   Appendix 2 


    October 2016 Issue 10,


    Co-evolution of volcanic and lacustrine systems in Pleistocene Long Valley Caldera, California, U.S.A.

    Benjamin S. Murphy, Robert R. Gaines, and Jade Star Lackey

      Appendix   Appendix Figure 1   Appendix Figure 2 



    Diagenetic origins of the calcite microcrystals that host microporosity in limestone reservoirs

    Franek J. Hasiuk, Stephen E. Kaczmarek, and Shawn M. Fullmer

      Supplemental File   Appendix Table 1 


    Sand compositional changes as a support for sequence-stratigraphic interpretation: the middle upper Pleistocene to Holocene deposits of the Roman Basin (Rome, Italy)

    Daniel Tentori, Kathleen M. Marsaglia, and Salvatore Milli

      Appendix Figure 1   Table A1   Table A2   Table A3   Table A4 


    Stylolites and porosity in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

    Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Sadoon Morad, Liu Yaxin, and Rulin Chen

      Core Descriptions   Data Tables



    November 2016 Issue 11, 


    Spatial analysis of channel belt stacking patterns: metrics to discriminate between local and regional controls on deposition in the fluvial John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation, southern Utah, U.S.A.

    Wassim Benhallam, Alexandre Turner, Lisa Stright, and Cari Johnson

    Point Pattern Analysis Methods 


    Whence the Gosport Sand (upper middle Eocene, Alabama)? The origin of glauconitic shell beds in the Paleogene of the U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain

    Carlie Pietsch, H. Cliff Harrison, and Warren D. Allmon

    Appendix Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 


    A sedimentological process-based approach to depositional reservoir quality of deep-marine sandstones: an example from the Springar Formation, northwestern Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea

    Kristin W. Porten, Ian A. Kane, Michal J. Warchol, and Sarah J. Southern



     Detrital history of the Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation in the Cahaba Synclinorium of Alabama, U.S.A.

    Ashraf Uddin, Willis E. Hames, Tara Peavy, and Jack C. Pashin

    Supplemental File A Supplemental File B 


    Travertines associated with hyperalkaline springs: evaluation as a proxy for paleoenvironmental conditions and sequestration of atmospheric CO2

    Thomas Leleu, Valérie Chavagnac, Adélie Delacour, Catherine Noiriel, Georges Ceuleneer, Markus Aretz, Céline Rommevaux, and Sandra Ventalon



    Detrital zircon mixing and partitioning in fluvial to deep marine systems, central California, U.S.A.

    Zachary T. Sickmann, Charles K. Paull, and Stephan A. Graham

    Appendix 1 Appendix 2 



    December 2016 Issue 12,


    Provenance signals in the Piceance Creek basin: unroofing of the Sawatch Range and extent of the early Paleogene California River system (Colorado, U.S.A.)

    Brady Z. Foreman and Dirk M. Rasmussen

    Supplemental Data


    Pretreatment for removal of organic material is not necessary for X-ray-diffraction determination of mineralogy in temperate skeletal carbonate

    Abigail M. Smith, Marcus M. Key, Jr., Zoe E. Henderson, V. Christine Davis, and David J. Winter

    Supplemental Data


  • January 2015 Volume 85, no. 1,

    Acoustic imaging of experimental subaqueous sediment-laden flowa and their deposits
    Mauricio Perillo, Brandon Minton, Jim Buttles, and David Mohrig
    Figure 3A


    Isotopic and elemental evidence for meteoric alteration of a Pennsylvanian phylloid-algal mound, Holder Formation,    New Mexico, U.S.A.,
    Matthew S. Wasson and Kyger C Lohmann 
    Isotopic and Elemental Data


    February 2015 Volume 85, no. 2,

    Interpreting paleo-avulsion dynamics from multistory sand bodies
    Ellen P. Chamberlin and Elizabeth A. Hajek
    Supplement 1
    Supplement 2 


    Statistical estimation of the position of an apex: application to the geological record
    Amanda Owen, Peter E. Jupp, Gary J. Nichols, Adrian J. Hartley, Gary S. Weissmann, and Dinara Sadykova
    Paleocurrent Measurements


    March 2015  Volume 85, no. 3,

    Chemical fingerprinting, a precise and efficient way to determine sediment sources
    Dennis A. Darby, Wesley Meyers, Stephen Herman, and Brit Nicholson

    MATLAB program, MATLAB explanation, Table A1, Table A2, Table A3, Table A4, EPMA settings, Optical coding criteria, Element coding criteria


    April 2015 Volume 85, no. 4,

    Stratigraphic completeness of carbonate-dominated records from continental interiors versus continental margins: stratigraphic thinning occurs via condensation and omission at multiple scales
    Mara Brady

    Meter-scale database


    May 2015  Volume 85, no. 5,

     Drowning of the Triassic Yangtze Platform, south China, by tectonic subsidence into toxic deep waters of an anoxic basin
    Marcello Minzoni, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Erich Dezoeten, Paul Enos, Paul Montgomery, Adrian Berry, Yanjiao Qin, Yu Meiyi, Brooks B. Ellwood, and Jonathan L. Payne


    June 2015  Volume 85, no. 6,

    Andean forearc dynamics, as recorded by detrital zircon from the Eocene Talara Basin, northwest Peru
    Angela M. Hessler and Andrea Fildani


    Grain-size controls on the morphology and internal geometry of river-dominated deltas

    Alexander P. Burpee, Rudy L. Slingerland, Douglas A. Edmonds, Daniel Parsons, Jim Best, James Cederberg, Andrew McGuffin, Rebecca Caldwell, Austin Nijhuis, and Jordan Royce
    Read Me File 

    Please contact the editorial office ( for text files 1-5. 
    File 1, File 2, File 3, File 4, File 5 


    Fluvial–eolian interactions in sediment routing and sedimentary signal buffering: an example from the Indus Basin and Thar Desert
    Amy E. East, Peter D. Clift, Andrew Carter, Anwar Alizai, and Sam VanLaningham
    Table 1


    August 2015 Volume 85, no. 8,

    D18O and D13C variability in brachiopods from modern shelf sediments and its utility for understanding complex oceanography, southern Australian Shelf
    Ryan S. Dhillon, Noel P. James, T. Kurt Kyser, and Yvonne Bone
    Data Sets 


    Along-strike variations in stratigraphic architecture of shallow-marine reservoir analogues: Upper Cretaceous Panther Tongue delta and coeval shoreface, Star Point Sandstone, Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah, U.S.A.
    Andrea Forzoni, Gary Hampson, and Joep Storms


    September 2015  Volume 85, no. 9,

    Laramide signals and architecture of a widespread fluvial sand sheet: Canyon Creek Member, southern Wyoming, U.S.A.
     Julio Leva López and Ronald J. Steel
    Figure A1,  Table A1,  Table A2,  Table A3


    November 2015 Volume 85, no. 11,

    Provenance and depositional ages of late Paleogene fluvial sedimentary rocks in the central Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.
    Majie Fan, Alex Mankin, and Kevin Chamberlain
    Table DR 1, Table DR 2 


    December 2015 Volume 85, no. 12,

    Fluvial facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the Tertiary Duchesne River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.
    Takashi Sato and Marjorie A. Chan
    Appendix Part 1, Appendix Part 2 


    Paleofluid evolution in fault-damage zones: evidence from fault–fold interaction events in the Jabal Qusaybah Anticline (Adam Foothills, North Oman)
    Mahtab Mozafari, Rudy Swennen, Fabrizio Balsamo, Luca Clemenzi, Fabrizio Storti, Hamdy El Desouky,   Frank Vanhaecke, Christian Tueckmantel, John Solum, and Conxita Taberner  
    Appendix Table A2

  • February 2014, Volume 84, no. 2,


    Provenance of the Cretaceous Athabasca Oil Sands Canada: implications for continental-scale sediment transport
    C. Benyon et al.
    Detrital zircon analysis


    April 2014, Volume 84, no. 4,


    Rheological complexity in sediment gravity flows forced to decelerate against a confining slope
    M. Patacci, P.D.W. Haughton, and W.D. McCaffrey
    Appendix: Correlation Panel


    May 2014, Volume 84, no. 5,


    Late Cretaceous fluvial-megafan and axial-river systems in the southern Cordilleran foreland basin: Drip Tank Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation and adjacent strata, southern utah, U.S.A.
    T.F. Lawton, W.L. Schellenbach, and A.E. Nugent
    Table DR-1

    Multiple dolomitization episodes in deep-water limestones of the Triassic Lagonegro basin (southern Italy): from early reflux to tectonically drive fluid flow
    T. Gabellone, A. Iannace, and M. Gasparini
    Table A
    Table B



    July 2014, Volume 84, no. 7,


    Cenomanian to Campanian carbon isotope chemostratigraphy from the Western Interior Basin, U.S.A.
    Young Ji Joo and Bradley B. Sageman
    Supplement 1
    Supplement 2a
    Supplement 2b


    August 2014, Volume 84, no. 8,


    Grain-size components as markers of origin and depositional processes in the coastal zone of the Golfe du Lion (Mediterranean Sea, France)
    J. Paul Barusseau and Raphael Braud
    Appendix 1


    October 2014, Volume 84, no. 10,


    Paleoslope reconstruction in sandy suspended-load-dominant rivers
    Ranie M. Lynds, David Mohrig, Elizabeth A. Hajek, and Paul L. Heller
    Supplement 1
    Supplement 2


    November 2014, Volume 84, no. 11,


    Multi-taxa isotopic investigation of paleohydrology in the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, eastern Utah, U.S.A.: Deciphering effects of the Nevadaplano Plateau on regional climate
    Celina A Suarez, Luis A. Gonzalez, Gregory A. Ludvigson, James I. Kirkland, Richard L. Cifelli, and Matthew J. Kohn
    Supplemental Table 1
    Supplemental Table 2
    Supplemental Table 3
    Supplemental Table 4

    Lava-sediment interaction and drainage-system delovepment in a large igneous province: Columbia River Flood Basalt Province, Washington State, U.S.A.
    Alena Ebinghaus, Adrian J. Hartley, David W. Jolley, Malcolm Hole and John Millett

    Carbonate sediment production, transport, and supplt to a coral cay at Raine Reef, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia: a facies approach
    John L. Dawson and Scott G. Smithers
    Supplemental Table 1


    December 2014, Volume 84, no. 11,


    Clumped-isotope constraints on cement paragenesis in septarial concretions
    Sean J. Loyd, J.A.D Dickson, James R. Boles, and Aradhna K. Tripati
    Supplemental Data Table 1

  • January 2013, v. 83, no. 1


    Fourier grain-shape analysis of Antarctic marine core: the relative influence of provenance and glacial activity on grain shape

    Daniel N. Livsey, Alexander R. Simms, Warren G. Clary, Julia S. Wellner, John B. Anderson, and John P. Chandler

    Supplemental Text (doc)
    Figure1 (pdf)

    Figure 2 (pdf)

    Figure 3 (pdf)




    Syndepositional deformation features in high-relief carbonate platforms: long-lived conduits for diagenetic fluids
    David A. Budd, Edmund L. Frost, III, Katherine W. Huntington, and Patricia F. Allwardt
    Table 1
    Table 2



    Unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units (UBSUs) in an Italian alluvial-plain area: recognizing and dating
    Vincenzo De Santis, Massimo Cladara, Luigi Pennetta, Trinidad Torres, and Jose Eugenio Ortiz
    Appendix 1


    February 2013, v. 82, no. 2


    Cryogenic cave pearls in the periglacial zone of ice caves

    Karel Zak, Monika Orvosova, Michael Filippi, Lukas Vlcek, Bogdan P. Onac, Aurel Persoiu, Jan Rohovec, and Ivo Svetlik
    Supplement 1



    March 2013, v. 83, no. 3


    Distinguishing similar volcanic source areas from an integrated provenance analysis: implications for foreland Andean basins

    Augusto N. Varela, Lucia E. Gomez-Peral, Sebastian Richiano, and Daniel G. Poire
    Table 1

    Table 2


    Table 3

    Table 4



    April 2013, v. 83, no. 4 


    Stable isotope geochemistry of Vertisols formed on marine limestone and implications for deep-time paleoenvironmental reconstructions

    Lauren A. Michel, Steven G. Driese, Lee C. Nordt, Daniel O. Breeker, Dana M. Labotka, and Stephen I. Dworkin

    Appendix A 

    Appendix B


    Appendix C

    Appendix D




    Environmental factors controlling the delta13C and delta18O variations of recent fluvial tufas: a twelve-year record from the Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park (NE Iberian Peninsula)

    M. Cinta Osacar, Concha Arenas, Marta Vasquez-Urbez, Carlos Sancho, Luis F. Auque, and Gonzalo Pardo




    July 2013, v. 83, no. 7 


    Quartz cementation history of sandstones revealed by high-resolution SIMS oxygen isotope analysis

    Joseph Harwood, Andrew C. Aplin, Claire I. Fialips, James E. Iliffe, Reinhard Kozdon, Takayuki Ushikubo, and John W. Valley

    Supplemental Material



    August 2013, v. 83, no. 8


    Geochemical correlation in an exhumed submarine channel complex (Tabernas Basin, SE Spain): comparison to sedimentological correlation at various length scales

    Michaela Aehnelt, Richard H. Worden, Andrew C. Canham, Stephen J. Hill, David M. Hodgson, and Stephen S. Flint

    Appendix 1

    Appendix 2




    The effect of drainage reorganization and climate on the sedimentologic evolution of intermontane lake systems: the final fill stage of the tertiary Ebro Basin (Spain)
    Marta Vazquez-Urbez, Concha Arenas, Gonzalo Pardo, and Javier Perez-Rivares
    Appendix 1

    Appendix 2




    Graphic logging for interpreting process-generated stratigraphic sequences and aquifer/reservior potential: with analog shelf to shoreface examples from the Atlantic Coastal Plain Province, U.S.A.
    Kathleen M. Farrell, W. Burleigh Harris, David J. Mallinson, Stephen J. Culver, Stanley R. Riggs, John F. Wehmiller, Jseeica Pierson Moore, Jean M. Self-Train, and Jeff C. Lautier
    Key to symbols

    Graphic log templage-gamma

    Graphic log template-resistivity



    September 2013, v. 83, no. 9


    Tracing clastic delivery to the Permian Delaware Basin, U.S.A.: implications for paleogeography and circulation in westernmost equatorial Pangea

    Gerilyn S. Soreghan and Michael J. Soreghan

    U-Pb geochronologic analyses 


    October 2013, v. 83, no. 10


    Lakes, loess, and paleosols in the Permian Wellington Formation of Oklahoma, U.S.A.: implications for paleoclimate and paleogeography of the midcontinent
    Jessica M. Giles, Michael J. Soreghan, Kathleen C. Benison, Gerilyn S. Soreghan, and Stephen T. Hasiotis
    Appendix 1


    November 2013, v. 83, no. 11


    Petrological and geochemical constraints on provenance, paleoweathering, and tectonic setting of the Neoproterozoic sedimentary basin in the eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South China

    Wei Wang and Mei-Fu Zhou

    Supplemental Table 1


    Supplemental Table 2

    Supplemental Table 3




    Pb ages of detrital zircons in realtion to geodynamic models: Paleozoic of the Northern Gemercium (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
    Anna Vozarova, Dusan Laurinc, Katarina Sarinova, Alexander Larinov, Sergey Presnyakov, Nickolay Rodinov, and Ilya Paderin

    Table 3

    Table 4

    Table 5

    Table 6 


    December 2013, v. 83, no. 12


    Carbonate lake deposits associated with distal siliciclastic perennial-river systems

    Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, David B. Finklestein, Jessie J. Truchan Holland, and Kevin D. Kallini

    Supplement 1

    Supplement 2



    Root calcretes and uranium-bearing silcretes at sedimentary discontinuities in the Miocene of the Madrid Basin (Toledo, Spain)

    M. Angeles Bustillo, Chloe Plet, and Ana M. Alsonso-Zarza

    Major-element concentrations


    Minor-element concentrations

    Rare-Earth element concentrations




    Assessing detrital garnet chemical concentration as a quantitative provenance tool: a multivariate statistical approach

    Jack Hietpas, Scott Samson, Jacqueline Speir, and David Moecher

    Sampling locations


    Source rock compositions

    Detrital garnet compositions




    A linkage amoung Pangean tectonism, cyclic alluviation, climate change, and biologic turnover in the Late Triassic: the record from the Chinle Formation, southwestern United States

    Stacy C. Atchley, Lee C. Nordt, Stephen I. Dworkin, Jahander Ramezani, William G. Parker, Sidney R. Ash, and Samuel A. Bowring

    Appendix A




    Experimental investigation of sediment-dominated vs. tectonics-dominated sediment transport systems in subsiding basins

    Kyle M. Straub, Chris Paola, Wonsuck Kim, and Ben Sheets

    Movie 1
    Movie 2



    Concentration-dependent flow stratification in experimental high-density turbidity currents and their relevance to turbidite facies models
    Matthieu J.B. Cartigny, Joris T. Eggenhuisen, Ernst W.M. Hansen, and George Postma