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SEPM Awards

Supported by the SEPM Foundation, Inc.

2024 Call for Nominations

Each year, the SEPM Society awards medals for scientific excellence to outstanding contributors in several areas of sedimentary geology. The awardees are nominated by members of the society but do not have to be members themselves. These medals are named in recognition of legendary geologists. SEPM also bestows Honorary Membership.

The other honors that are given by the Society each year are for excellence in communicating the science. These awards are chosen by committees that judge the best oral and poster presentations at our annual meeting and evaluate all of the papers published in our two scientific journals, JSR and PALAIOS. Thus, each year we also recognize the best technical presentations. We also include a special category for student presentations. All award nominees are expected to have met SEPM's Code of Ethical Professional Conduct.

Please take the time to nominate someone that you consider worthy. Nomination deadline for 2024 awards is 31 March 2024.

Nominate an Awardee

SEPM Science Awards

Technical Presentation Awards

  • Best Paper Awards
    • Outstanding Paper in the Journal of Sedimentary Research
    • Outstanding Paper in PALAIOS
  • Student Presentation Awards at AAPG ACE and GSA Annual Meeting

Special Service Recognition Award

  • Distinguished Service Award

To contribute to the Foundation's General Fund, or to make a designated contribution in support of a specific award, contact Theresa Scott. To find out more about SEPM Awards contact Michele Tomlinson | Managing Editor, SEPM Publications

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