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William R. Dickinson Medal

The Dickinson Medal

This Medal is for recognition of a mid-career research geoscientist who is significantly influencing the sedimentary geology community with innovative work; with a track record of impactful publications, pioneering approaches and the establishment of an influential research program. 

Contributions to major shifts in scientific thinking, via original and innovative data generation, tools, and analyses, which help solve broad geological questions are hallmarks of a Dickinson Medal awardee.

The Award is named in honor of William R. Dickinson (, a sedimentologist, but his success and "fame" was achieved through integration of sedimentological analysis into numerous areas of research. He was a true pioneer in terms of using sedimentological data to solve problems related to tectonics and basin analysis. Bill was a true giant and it would be an honor for any person to be recognized with his medal from the SEPM.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Must be > 5 and 20 years or less from their PhD (or equivalent highest degree) at the time of nomination.
  • Must have shown the necessary innovation and impact as described above.
  • Nominations will last for three years and can be renewed until the candidate no longer meets the criteria.

Nomination Form

Any additional nomination materials should be sent to:

Michele Tomlinson | Managing Editor, SEPM Publications

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