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SEPM Foundation

Advancing Sedimentary Geology Research & Education

The SEPM Foundation supports student research grants, scientific meetings, and education – all to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge.

The SEPM Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1983 by then SEPM President John Warme and others interested in providing SEPM, then a 501.c.6 business league through its corporate relationship with AAPG, a 501.c.3 receptacle for tax deductible charitable contributions. In 1984, $31,000 was transferred to the SEPM Foundation, Inc. from the SEPM Fund in the AAPG Foundation. In 1984 fundraising was initiated with solicitations to SEPM members.

In 1988, the Society reincorporated as a 501.c.3 educational, charitable and scientific organization, itself qualified to accept tax deductible charitable contributions. SEPM Council approves candidates for the Foundation Board of Directors.

The Foundation’s main focus has been on supporting student research at both the MSc and PhD levels. Today, the SEPM Foundation continues to serve current and future donors by providing support for SEPM programs and priorities that align with the donors' philanthropic interests.

Building Financial Resources

The Foundation works to generate financial resources to support SEPM programs and priorities.


The Foundation reports to donors and SEPM members to explain how SEPM Foundation programs benefit from endowed funds and strengthen sedimentary geology.


The Board of Directors ensures transparent, cost-effective operations and open communication with the Society, as well as prudent management.


The mission of the SEPM Foundation is to develop and provide funds to support the goals and programs of the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM). These funds are distributed according to the needs of the Society and in a manner consistent with the desire of the donors.


Support SEPM Programs and Priorities

There are numerous ways to give and financially support our foundation:

For additional information on how to donate or sponsor the Foundation, please click below.  For questions, please contact our team.

Ways to Give

SEPM Foundation Board of Trustees

Judith Totman Parrish - University of Idaho, President

Don McNeill, University of Miami, Treasurer

Richard Fluegeman - Ball State University, First Vice President  

Lesli Wood, Colorado School of Mines, Second Vice President

John Suter, GCSSEPM, Secretary

Foundation Funding & Priorities

Funding Priorities

Latest Foundation Report - SEPM Foundation Annual Report_2021.pdf

On the Blog

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