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Student Travel Grants

SEPM has established a new student in-person travel grant program entitled SEPM Student Travel Grants. These grants provide travel funds for students that have abstracts accepted to SEPM approved meetings and conferences. An approved meeting is one that SEPM has reviewed and endorses the topic, program and operating organization. 

The rules for applying for an SEPM Student Travel Grant are:

  1. Please submit your travel application via email with the following details to the Foundation President, Dr. Judy Parrish
    1. A cover page with your name, email address, institution, physical address and name and email address of your advisor. Please make sure the email addresses are not live links.
    2. Letter of recommendation from your advisor (please have your advisor send their letter separately via email)
    3. Full abstract
    4. Title, dates, place and URL of the requested meeting
  2. Grants are only awarded to attend approved meetings.  (**Due to funding constraints no additional meetings will be approved for 2023)
  3. Applicants must be SEPM Student Members in good standing prior to applying.
  4. Students can only receive one grant per year.
  5. Deadline for an application is two months prior to the meeting unless abstract approval is delayed by the meeting.**
    • Revised deadline for the 4DWC meeting - 30 April
    • Revised deadline for 36th IAS meeting - 1 June
  6. Applicants must forward the email showing their abstract is submitted before the application deadline. If the acceptance/rejection emails are delayed, please notify the SEPM Foundation and submit the acceptance as soon as you receive it.
  7. There are limited number of grants per meeting and all grants are awarded based on merit and application date.
  8. Student grant winners may be acknowledged on SEPM promotional pages. 

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