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SEPM Funding Priorities

Advancing Sedimentological, Paleontological and Stratigraphic Research & Discovery

Research Grants, Meetings, and Education

The Foundation supports research grants, scientific meetings, and activities in education – all to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge.

SEPM brings together approximately 2,700 sedimentary geoscientists, of whom about 26% are students (691 student members). Members range from seasoned professionals to these committed students, who represent the best and brightest hopes for the future of sedimentary geology. The Foundation’s priorities are SEPM’s–to create an environment where members and organizations can advance the frontiers of science by promoting research and discovery, ensuring a diverse and skilled professional sedimentary geology community (sedimentology/paleontology/stratigraphy), and enhancing public awareness of the role our science plays in addressing societal needs. These priorities aim to grow the technical strength, leadership, and impact of the sedimentary geology community today and tomorrow. We have a shared opportunity to pursue the best possible future for our field, with great possibilities for leadership in these three broad areas.

1. Communicating our Science
From its first publications in 1929, SEPM has existed to advance and share the sciences of paleontology, sedimentology, and stratigraphy. Across our many decades, we have seen technologies and frontiers of knowledge advance; we have seen the landscape of sedimentary geology advance and expand, very often through the leadership of our own members. Throughout this history, our commitment has remained constant: to support our science with the full range of tools and concepts available to us.
Research Conferences – Meetings like the Bouma Deepwater and Mountjoy Carbonate research conferences are a critical resource for communicating ideas within and beyond our science.

2. Future Geoscientists
The future of the SEPM suite of fields depends on the young geoscientists we engage today. The next generation of scientists will bring a new and exceptional diversity of backgrounds and strengths to their work. As early career research, and fellowship opportunities increase, our field’s pipeline of workforce-ready, trained professionals increases as well.
SEPM Student Research Grants Program
SEPM Student Participation Grants Program

3. Education
Through SEPM’s work with graduate students, and early career professionals, we promote, support, and inspire earth science learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. As the geoscience education landscape shifts, SEPM’s emphasis on teaching and learning across levels is more critical than ever.
SEPM Graduate Student and Young Professional Short Courses
SEPM Advanced Graduate Student and Young Professional Field Workshops

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