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SEPM Bookstore

The SEPM Bookstore

(including publications of the Gulf Coast Section SEPM)

Order publications at the SEPM ONLINE BOOKSTORE HERE:

2019 Publications Catalog (PDF Download)

New Features include

Also – Previously only available in USB format but now also in Print:


All prices at the bookstore indicate the list (non-member) price. Member pricing is a 40% Discount from the list price. A $100 list price book is only $60 to a member.

To get your Member pricing at check out:

Shipping and PDFs

SEPM’s eBooks are single PDFs which for newer books are created as part of the publication process and for older books were created from scans of the printed versions. Originally SEPM eBooks were distributed on CD/DVDs then on USBs as technology has changed. Now SEPM is changing the PDF on USB to a downloadable PDF version in the Bookstore. SEPM does have to review and do a bit of reformatting for each book PDF file and we are working our way through the book publications starting with the most recent.


How big are the files and long does it take to download?

Early SEPM ebooks are black and white and generally small PDFs and should download quickly. However our books from 1990’s on usually have a lot of color and some larger figures and charts and our newest books contain even greater resolution images so the file sizes have continuously grown through time.


In our bookstore please notice the PDF file size in the book’s description as the larger the file the longer it will take to download so plan ahead. Here is link to a download time calculator that may help. If your download is interrupted, unfortunately you will have to start over but once you have purchased the downloadable PDF you can return to it as many times as you need to so that ebook is not lost to you.


What can I do with the PDF?

First please check what permissions SEPM allows for its publications SEPM Publications Permissions. For SEPM PDF ebooks we do have some security features on them. Specifically the PDF cannot be edited nor printed. However, we do allow cut and paste as we know that many of the figures are helpful in presentations and lectures BUT please always acknowledge the source and check on what you are allowed to do with SEPM copyrighted content.


Finally SEPM relies on its revenue from selling its books to be able to continue to publish new books focuses on sedimentary geoscience so please do distribute your purchased SEPM ebook to others in violation of our basic sales agreement.

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