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EPR Sego Canyon 2

EPR Blaze Canyon 1 was drilled in in Sego Canyon near the Thompson Canyon Petroglyph site and includes shorefacies, estuarine and fluvial facies in the Desert and Castlegate Sandstones.

Drilled in 1988

39° 2'37.90"N



Scans of paper logs

Sego_1_dual_latrl.tif 300 dpi | 600 dpi
Sego_1_diul_ind.tif 300 dpi | 600 dpi
Sego_1_gr_ILD-dens.tif 300 dpi | 600 dpi

Core sections

Click the link below below to download a jpg of the image. This is the highest resolution available.
Please note the change between cores 2 and 3.

Section 1: 165-267 ft

Section 1, Sego Fm.: 165-267 ft

Section 2: 267-379 ft

Section 2, Sego Fm.: 267-379 ft

Section 3: 597-738 ft

Section 3, Desert Mbr and Castlegate Fm.: 597-738 ft

Links to the original negative scans

sego canyon 2 165-178_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 181-193_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 195-206_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 209-220_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 223-235_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 238-250_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 253-264_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 267-279_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 281-293_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 295-308_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 311-324_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 326-337_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 340-351_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 354-366_ColorCorrected.tif

sego canyon 2 368-379_ColorCorrected.tif











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