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EPR Price River A

EPR Price River A is drilled in the Panther Tongue Sandstone, near Helper, Utah. It samples a proximal delta parasequence.


Drilled in 1982



Price River A.kmz

Scans of paper logs

Core sections

Click the link below below to download a jpg of the image. This is the highest resolution available.

Entire core


Links to the original negative scans

price river A 00-09_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 013-024_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 027-039_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 042-054_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 057-069_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 070-082_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 085-097_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 099-109_ColorCorrected.tif

price river A 112-116_ColorCorrected.tif

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