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EPR Blaze Canyon 1

EPR Blaze Canyon 1 was drilled behind the Blaze Canyon cliff face which exposes fluvial to shoreface facies in the Desert and Castlegate Formations.

Drilled in 1986



Blaze Canyon.kmz

Scans of paper logs

Core sections

Click the link below below to download a jpg of the image. This is the highest resolution available.

Section 1: 11-148 ft


Section 2: 148-267 ft


Section 3: 267-309 ft


Currently photos are in press in:

Feldman, H.R., in press. Blaze Canyon Exercise. In Abreu, V., and Feldman, H.R., Sequence stratigraphy: Atlas of Exercises. SEPM Concepts in sedimentology and paleontology #9. 3rd edition.

Links to the original negative scans

blaze canyon 011-023_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 024-036_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 038-050_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 051-061_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 063-076_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 079-089_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 091-100_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 103-116_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 119-131_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 134-146_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 148-158_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 161-170_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 172-184_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 185-195_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 198-207_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 209-219_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 222-236_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 239-251_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 252-265_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 267-278_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 279-289_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 292-302_ColorCorrected.tif

blaze canyon 305-308_ColorCorrected.tif

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