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What are the sections of SEPM?


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Brette has been doing a great job.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Howard Harper

Meet our new Student Councilor: Brette Harris


Students, graduate and undergraduate, are the future of our science. SEPM is an excellent place to be able to grow intellectually and to become an active part of the network of geoscientists worldwide. We think representing our student community is critical,...

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New SEPM Miscellaneous Publication #22 - DEI Survey Summary Report


Since the release of our SEPM DEI Survey in 2020, SEPM has made direct efforts to listen and pay attention to the needs and concerns of our membership, particularly in the area of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). To better track the results and...

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Science Student Spotlight: March 2022 Edition


Welcome back to this month's Science Student Spotlights! Throughout the year, we'll be featuring the science and work of some of our best and brightest SEPM Student Members, including some of our SEPM Foundation Research Grant awardees. This is the last...

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