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PALAIOS Welcomes New Co-Editor


PALAIOS welcomes Yurena Yanes as their newest Co-Editor in a 35-year lineage of excellent editors. Yurena will take over for Martin Zuschin who has served since 2017. Science editors for PALAIOS serve four-year terms on a two-year overlap with another...

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Outstanding Paper Awards


Each year, the PALAIOS and JSR editorial teams award submissions for the Most Outstanding Papers submitted to their publication. Winners for the 2020 year were selected by committee with certificates awarded at the SEPM Awards Ceremony at AAPG ACE each...

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Member Comments

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Roy Plotnick

I am pleased that SEPM has decided to put out a statement about evolution. It is long, long overdue; other societies, such as the Paleontological Society, posted such statements decades ago Unfortunately, the proposed statement fails on many fronts and should be rethought. The issues involve both structure and content. In terms of structure, it is too long, pedagogic, and academic. There is a huge literature on why evolution is correct and creationism is wrong; a policy statement is not the place to repeat such details. Keep it simple!! Related to this, it is not clear what the intended audience will be. The public? Students? SEPM members? What do you want them to know? As for content: it takes far too simplistic a view of the opposition to the teaching of evolution and the age of the Earth. Eugenie Scott, of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), wrote an excellent essay on the spectrum of creationist beliefs ( Young Earth Creationists are only a fringe part of this. The statement misses all of the current tactics used by the creationist community, such as “teach the controversy,” which is also used a method against teaching climate change ( Also, why give the YEC people any credibility by talking about them at all? What would make this much stronger is it focused on topics that are the particular purview of the members of SEPM. For example, why not say that sedimentary geology documents that the history of the Earth shows the joint evolution of its atmosphere, oceans, surface, and life? That dealing with future environmental issues requires understanding this history and that doing so is what members of SEPM work on every day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Roy Plotnick

Renovation of The Sedimentary Record


This year, our newest editors of The Sedimentary Record have made a few changes to the publication. We encourage you to read about a few of the highlights below, share your thoughts, and most importantly, check out the latest issue. Read up on thoughts...

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PALAIOS – 2020 in Review


It’s been a strange year – we know. All aspects of each of our days were affected by COVID-19, including all things publishing over at SEPM. Despite some logistical challenges with our new work-from-home mentality, PALAIOS has had some great work written,...

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SEPM Fall 2020 Book Sale


Last week, SEPM kicked off its Fall Book Sale. We’ve curated a special sale for the listed print versions of the publications found below. Remember, this includes print on demand books only (no digital books this time around!). Titles are moving fast,...

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