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The Sedimentary Record

The Sedimentary Record

The Sedimentary Record is a short-format, peer-reviewed, diamond open access journal for all sub-disciplines related to soft rock geosciences. It is published online, sponsored by the SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology. Articles are free to publish and free to read for everyone, and authors retain copyrights.

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  • doi: 10.2110/sedred.2021.3
  • ISSN 1543-8740 
  • Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Current Issue - Volume 22

  • Multiple Paleokarst Events in the Cambrian Potosi Dolomite, Illinois Basin

    by Yaghoob Lasemi and Zohreh Askari

    Editorial comment/reply by Angela Hessler and Andrew Miall:

    Discussion on “The Incompleteness Fallacy: The Stratigraphic Record Is Not an Imperfect Archive of Earth’s History” (Hessler, 2023)

TSR Archive

The full archive of The Sedimentary Record may be found online.

Benefits of publishing in the Sedimentary Record

  • Diamond Open Access: authors can publish open access, full color articles at no charge
  • Exposure to a global, diverse readership, including promotion by SEPM digital marketing
  • Rapid peer review process from at least two reviewers

Author guidelines and manuscript submission

Submit to The Sedimentary Record

Extensive details regarding TSR submissions may be found here.

Submission Deadlines*

The Sedimentary Record is now using a continuous publishing process. There will be no deadlines to submit a manuscript to a specific issue. Accepted manuscripts will be published online as soon as they have passed the review process and have been formatted for online publishing. The date an article is posted will be its official date of publication. *These deadlines are subject to change as TSR adapts with the culture of open access publishing.

Please direct questions or comments to the editors:

  • Dr. Daan Beelen

    Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Geography

    Utrecht University

  • Dr. Lizzy Trower

    Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences
    University of Colorado Boulder

  • Dr. John W. Counts

    Research Geologist, Geology, Energy & Minerals Science Center

    United States Geological Survey

  • Howard Harper, SEPM Executive Director

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