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Support your favorite SEPM Research Group

SEPM currently supports five different active research groups 

Click through each of the groups below to learn more about their current work and research, or contact their group organizers. 

  • Carbonates
    • The carbonate research group focuses on carbonate rocks, namely limestones and dolomites. Discussions include trends in facies modelling, isotope geochemistry, carbonate mineralogy, non-marine carbonate depositional environments and carbonate deposition and diagenesis.
  • Clastic Diagenesis
    • The clastics diagenesis research group focuses on the chemical and mineral changes in clastic rock, especially those affecting porosity and permeability.
  • Deepwater Deposition
    • The deepwater deposition research group focuses on all aspects of deepwater deposition from submarine fans to mass transport deposits.
  • Micropaleontology organized by SEPM NAMS
    • The micropaleontolgoy section covers all aspects of micropaleontology through application, research and education dealing with morphology, biostratigraphy, ecology/paleoecology, and geologic history of all groups of microfossils occurring in the stratigraphic record. It also covers  a diverse array of microfossils groups, including foraminifera, ostracodes, nannofossils, palynonmorphs, radiolaria, diatoms, and silicoflagellates. NAMS serves as a center point for these many fields of study and provides a venue for exchange of information among micropaleontologists in academia, industry, and government.
  • Planetary Sedimentology
    • The planetary sedimentology research group focuses on focus on modern and ancient surface processes on different planets and moons. This is a new research group recently founded this year with SEPM. 

Your sponsorship helps offset meeting costs (Room rental, catering, AV and other expenses).

All donations are tax deductible since SEPM is a 501(c)(3) Organization.


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