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Posted : Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Edited By : Rebekah Grmela
Thursday, September 23, 2021

Science Student Spotlight - August 2021 Edition

Rebekah Grmela

Welcome to the SEPM Blog's newest series: Science Student Spotlights! Throughout the year, we'll be featuring the science and work of some of our best and brightest SEPM Student Members, including some of our SEPM Foundation Research Grant awardees.

Check out some of this month's featured student work:

Name: Timothy Clark
School: University of Mississippi 
Research Statement: The Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of Paleocene-Aged Bauxites in North Mississippi    
Summary:  My thesis research, completed at the University of Mississippi, explored the genetic history, paleoclimatic conditions, and economic value of bauxitic material within the Upper Midway and Lower Wilcox Groups in northern Mississippi. For the first time, stable isotope and elemental geochemistry were used to investigate these deposits. I determined that the most well-exposed outcrop, located in Pontotoc County, reflected a typical lateritic weathering profile in terms of lithology and geochemistry and thus a karst origin can be discounted.

Name: Erin Young-Dahl
School: University of Idaho
Research Statement: Reconstructing Eocene paleotopography across the northern United States Cordillera using stable isotope paleoaltimetry of hydrated volcanic glass

Name: Youp Heinhuis
School: Utrecht University (Netherlands)
Research Statement:Using drone imaging, 3D software, and facies analysis to reconstruct the architecture of a deepwater biosiliceous ramp, Triassic-Jurassic, McCarthy Formation, Ala
Summary:  During this project, I will use a dataset of drone images to study the deepwater architecture of the McCarthy Formation. I will make detailed observations of the unit containing large scale cross-bedding (~20 m scale). I will also describe the facies and help colleagues with the collection of fossil samples (e.g., ammonites and bivalves), rock samples, and ash samples for radiometric dating.

Name: Mohammed Hashim
School: Western Michigan University
Research Statement: Iodine Incorporation into Dolomite: Experimental Constrains on the Iodine Paleo-redox Proxy

Name: Luis Erick Aguirre Palafox
School: University California Davis
Research Statement: Building a U-Pb geochronologic framework for the Pennsylvanian Midcontinent cyclothems, U.S.A.    
Summary: Locations of samples in context of modern geography, paleogeography and other studied Permo-Carboniferous sedimentary successions. (A) Location of the Midcontinent and Donets low-latitude Euramerican cyclothemic sections (orange circles) and high-latitude basins with high-precision U-Pb ages (blue circles). The red box highlights the Midcontinent region and surrounding areas. Paleogeography map adapted from [1]. EA-Eastern Australia; KB-Karoo Basin; NWA-Northwest Argentina; SA-South Africa; SP-Southern Paraná Basin; SEP- Southern Paraná Basin; WA-Western Australia [2-6]. (B) Magnified view of the red box in (A) focusing on sampling locations (red triangles) of paleosols, coals and black shales from cyclothems in the Midcontinent succession (blue region) relative to late Pennsylvanian (310 and 300 Ma) paleoequators. Adapted from [7].

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