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SEPM has different levels of sponsorship for event held by other organizations.

  • Level 1is essentially an endorsement of the event based on its overall topic and the reputation of the operating organization.  No financial support is being requested.  Upon approval, SEPM will help to advertise the event via its online media.  
    • The SEPM Foundation may also approve the meeting for the SEPM Student Member Participation Travel Grant Program to allow SEPM student members the opportunity to apply for travel support to present their work at the event. 
  • Level 2 includes the advertising in a Level 1 sponsorship but will also include some financial support for the meeting.  Level 2 support is based on a review by SEPM Council of the event and allocation from limited funds during a given year.  
  • Level 3 involves a request that SEPM become the operating organization of the event and will require more detailed discussions with SEPM Headquarters and SEPM Council for approval. Contact the current SEPM Research Councilor or Executive Director for details.

Financial Aspects of sponsorship

·SEPM should receive an official invoice from the event organization to SEPM

  • SEPM usually will transfer funds to the accounts set up for the meeting or meeting conveners. 
  • SEPM may decide to administer student grants for the meeting through SEPM rather than sending funds directly to the event organization.  Details are worked out between SEPM and the event organization.
  • SEPM may add the meeting to the SEPM Student Participation Travel Grant Program so that SEPM student members may be financially helped to attend the meeting if they are presenting at that meeting.

What SEPM expects from sponsored events.

  1. Marketing recognition (logos on websites, flyers, signage at meeting, in booklets; web links to SEPM)-  Required
  2. Attendee email lists -Required 
    • List of those directly benefiting from SEPM funds (such as students/ECs) 
  3. Exhibit space (table, booth, or discounted exhibit space)
    • If available for the event
  4. Free registration to event – 
    • At least one (1) complementary registration to the event for an SEPM representative
  5. Copy (print or digital) of the meeting booklet
  6. Report after the event of 2-5 pages with images on the event to include:
    • Number of actual attendees and mention of diversity of attendees (academics; industry professionals; early career; students, etc.)
    • Range of topics covered
    • Any specific plenary or invited speaker lists
    • Appendix with list of attendees and email contacts
  7. During event postings to SEPM online media (SEPM Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and/or use of #SEPM or #SEPMGEO

Sponsorship Form

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