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EPR Price River C upper

EPR Price River C, upper, is cored through the Blackhawk Formation mostly in a progradational parasequence set of shoreface parasequences with lagoonal and marsh facies near the top capped by a major flooding surface.

Drilled in 1982



Price River C.kmz

LAS log files

Scans of paper logs

Core sections

Click the link below to download a jpg of the image. This is the highest resolution available.

Section 1: 0-110 ft


Section 2: 108-237 ft


Section 3: 232-341 ft

Sections 158 – 217 ft and 252 – 307 ft is from Van Wagoner, J.C., Mitchum, R.M., Campion, K.M., and Rahmanian, V.D., 1990. Siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy in well logs, cores, and outcrops. AAPG Methods in Exploration Series, No. 7.

AAPG©1990. Reprinted by permission of the AAPG whose permission is required for further use.

Links to the original negative scans

PR-C 0000-0012.tif

PR-C 0015-0025.tif

PR-C 0028-0040.tif

PR-C 0041-0053.tif

PR-C 0056-0067.tif

PR-C 0070-0082.tif

PR-C 0085-0096.tif

PR-C 0098-0110.tif

PR-C 0113-0126.tif

PR-C 0129-0140.tif

PR-C 0141-0155.tif

PR-C 0158-0171.tif

PR-C 0173-0186.tif

PR-C 0189-0201.tif

PR-C 0202-0215.tif

PR-C 0218-0229.tif

PR-C 0232-0234.tif

PR-C 0236-0249.tif

PR-C 0252-0263.tif

PR-C 0264-0276.tif

PR-C 0279-0291.tif

PR-C 0294-0305.tif

PR-C 0307-0317.tif

PR-C 0320-0332.tif

PR-C 0335-0348.tif

PR-C 0351-0362.tif

PR-C 0365-0377.tif

PR-C 0377-0391.tif

PR-C 0393-0406.tif

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