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Bouma 2023 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Begins : Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 11:00 PM Central Standard Time

Ends : Friday, April 21, 2023 at 11:00 PM Central Standard Time

Duration : 5 days

Bouma 2023 - Utrecht, Netherlands

1st In-Person Bouma Deep Water Geoscience Conference - Utrecht, Netherlands, 17-21 April 2023

To carry on the work and interest in Deep Water Geoscience under the Arnold Bouma name is a great way to keep pushing the boundaries of our knowledge in this area. Funding to help students and early career researchers attend and present at this meeting will come from the Arnold and Lieneke Bouma Fund at the SEPM Foundation.

The main themes for this meeting are:

Theme 1 –Mud matters; the influence of clay and silt on depositional processes, deposits, and architecture.

Theme 2 –Process stratigraphy; process controls on deposits and architecture of channels, lobes, and transition zones.

Theme 3 –Modern environments; modern marine and lacustrine data sets of gravity flows, bottom currents, and their deposits.

Theme 4 –Deep flux; submarine canyons as conduits for fluxes of sediment, organic carbon, pollutants, and nutrients to deep water basins.

Theme 5 –Modelling; new approaches in numerical and physical modelling of deep water sedimentation.

Theme 6–Petroleum and beyond; applied uses of deep water sedimentology.

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