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Bouma Flume Workshop - Tuesday 18 April -

Leader Joris Eggenhuisen

Flume workshop.

When: Tuesday 18th April 9:00-16:30

Where: On UU campus.

Max Participants: 45




In this workshop the participants will be introduced to three different laboratory set-ups in the Utrecht University Flume Laboratory facilities. Different demonstrations are designed to spark discussion and interaction between participants:

  1. An 11 m long, recirculating flume will be operated to generate cyclic steps in a free surface flow, and associated sedimentary structures. Participants will be able to observe flow behaviour, bedform behaviour, and resulting sedimentary structures. Discussion can focus on discussing possible occurrences of similar sedimentary structures in deep marine environments.
  2. The Eurotank (11*6*1.1 m L*W*D) will exhibit the result of an analogue seascape experiment. Participants will be introduced to the set-up and the way experiments are performed in general. Discussions can focus on what data types are interesting to obtain in what way from such an experiments. And the participants will be challenged to interpret or reconstruct what happened in the experiment, from the depositional end result.
  3. The TurbiFlume (12.5*1*2 m L*W*D) will demonstrate a turbidity current flow. The participants will be able to witness the flow close-up through the glass wall of the flume. Discussions can focus on what aspects of turbidity current flow dynamics and sediment transport processes are still open for study with novel experiments.   


An introduction meeting and plenary discussion at the end of the workshop will discuss a debate about the (future) role of flume-laboratory experiments in deep marine sedimentology. This discussion will focus on the questions:


The target audience for this workshop is broad. We aim to bring together experts in flume experiments with researchers who are specialized in other research approaches but who have a curiosity towards flume experiment research. We aim to bring together researchers irrespective of the stage of their career. 

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