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Mountjoy II – Joint SEPM/CSPG Research Conference: Characterization and Modeling of Carbonate Pore Systems

Conference webpage: Mountjoy II - Carbonate Pore Systems

Dates: 26-29 June, 2017

Venue: Austin, Texas, USA

The 2017 Mountjoy Conference, sponsored by SEPM and CSPG, will be held at the University of Texas Learning Commons and the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology core facilities. The Conference will showcase new approaches and results through oral and poster sessions as well as core workshops and selected fieldtrips. The theme is broad, encompassing the stratigraphic, facies and diagenetic influences on varied pore systems, petrographic, geochemical and visualization tools applied to enhanced characterization of pore systems, from nano- and micro-scale, to fractures and cavernous pores, and new approaches for modeling the origin and distribution of pore systems. Integrated case studies from academia and industry are of particular interest. One of the highlights of the 1st Mountjoy meeting in 2015 was the opportunity for individual discussion and interaction between the attendees and the presenters. The 2017 Mountjoy Conference will continue to stress the importance of dedicated time for discussion and one-on-one networking throughout the program.

Main Conveners: Mitch Harris; Gene Rankey; Don McNeill; Astrid Arts; and Jean Hsieh

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Propagation of Environmental Signals within Source-to-Sink Stratigraphy

Conference webpage: Propagation of Env Signals S2S
Dates: June 5-9, 2017
Venue: Ainsa, Spain

A SEPM research conference designed to look at the propagation of sediment-flux signals in the stratigraphic record of correlative segments of source-to-sink sedimentary systems. Combining modelling, theory and the extensive outcrop exposures in the area. Conveners: Sébastien Castelltort (University of Geneva), Cai Puigdefabregas (University of Barcelona), Julian Clark (Statoil) and Andrea Fildani (Statoil).


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35 Years of Research on the Monterey Formation and Neogene Upwelling Deposits: Celebrating Bob Garrison’s Life and Career

Conference webpage: Garrison Monterey Research Conference

Dates: May 2018

Venue: Monterey area, California, USA

An SEPM-SEPM Pacific Section research conference designed to review and discuss the 35 years of work since the keystone SEPM Pacific Section Special Volume “The Monterey Formation and related siliceous rocks of California, Volume 15, Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Pacific Section, Special Publication.” Robert Garrison was one of the editors and main authors. The volume was transformative. This work turned out to be the fundamental building block of modern ‘paleoceanographic’, with an in depth approach to understanding the Monterey Formation and similar biosiliceous deposits, insights into the Miocene climate, and the significance of biosiliceous upwelling sediments and phosphorites around the globe and their economic importance.

Main Conveners: Invano Aiello (MLML) and Christina Ravelo (UCSC)

• General structure and dates being determined


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