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Geographical & Topical Sections within SEPM

Many different societies create special interest and geological subdivisions of their organization to provide more focused, special attention to different membership areas they serve. SEPM works to do this through its sections, research groups and ambassador programs. Read below to learn more about how our sections help support SEPM members. 

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Globalization and geographical organization of membership offers both benefits and challenges. It can provide tremendous opportunities for membership growth, regional networking and special focus on specific interests. While COVID has required implementation of virtual meetings, polling of SEPM membership indicates that our scientists still prefer opportunities to connect in person. Our regional sections help make that more possible, closer to home. 

What does SEPM provide?

Currently there are six regional sections in North America, one section in Europe and a close association with a group in Indonesia. If you are interested in establishing a Section, please read "Structuring a Section" below.

SEPM encourages all its members to join a Section. You are encouraged to join the Section or Sections whose activities are of interest to you. 

Structuring a Section

Regional or special interest sections that promote the objective of the Society may be established upon approval of the SEPM Council of a petition for such a Section signed by 20 voting members of the Society, and a Section's proposed Constitution and Bylaws.

Section Constitutions and Bylaws must not conflict with the Society's Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws, and any modifications to such documents shall be filed promptly with the Society.

Contact Theresa Scott for assistance in establishing a Section affiliation with SEPM.

What are the different geographical Sections of SEPM?

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