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Editorial Board

Co-Editors: Kathleen Marsaglia and Stephen Kaczmarek

Corresponding Editor: John Southard

Managing Editor: Melissa Lester

Associate Editors

Janok P. Bhattacharya, McMaster University

James Bishop, Chevron, Houston

Peter Burgess, University of Liverpool

Jake Covault, University of Texas, BEG

Shahin Dashtgard, Simon Fraser University

Doug Edmonds, Indiana University

Joris Eggenhuisen, Utrecht University

Andrea Fildani

Marsha French, Colorado School of Mines

John Gillies, Desert Research Institute

Murray Gingras, University of Alberta

Chenglin Gong, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Gary Hampson, Imperial College of London

Franek Hasiuk, Kansas Geological Survey

Stephen Hubbard, University of Calgary

Raymond Ingersoll, University of California, Los Angeles

Lei Jiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sam Kelley, University College Dublin

Juan Carlos Laya, Texas A&M University

Daniel Le Heron, Royal Holloway University of London

Daniel Lehrmann, Trinity University

Emilia Le Pera, University of Calabria

Greg Ludvigson, Kansas Geological Survey

James MacEachern, Simon Fraser University

Joseph H.S. Macquaker, ExxonMobil, Houston

Katherine Maier, NIWA, Wellington

Paul McCarthy, University of Alaska

Cody Miller, Chevron, Houston

Paul Myrow, The Colorado College

Cornel Olariu, The University of Texas at Austin

Devon Orme, Montana State University

Tobias Payenberg, Chevron Energy Technology, Perth

Daniel Petrash, Czech Geological Survey

Sally Potter-McIntyre, Southern Illinois University

Gene Rankey, University of Kansas

Alberto Resentini, University of Milan-Bicocca

John Rivers, Queens University, Kingston

Elias Samankassou, University of Geneva

Ernesto Schwarz, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, CONICET

Elisabeth Steel, Queen's University

Lorna Strachan, University of Aukland

Kyle Straub, Tulane University

Marina Suarez, University of Kansas

Sally Sutton, Colorado State University

Dustin Sweet, Texas Tech University

Joao Trabucho-Alexandre, Utrecht University

Shane Tyrrell, National University of Ireland, Galway

Tania Villasenor, Universidad de O'Higgins

Amy Weislogel, West Virginia University

Gary Weissmann, University of New Mexico

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