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SEPM International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress – 2020

26-29 April, 2020 - Flagstaff, AZ, USA

'The Past is the Key to the Future'

The “Past” of sedimentary geosciences being the Sedimentary Record, SEPM, in conjunction with IAS and SGD/GSA, invites you to submit Session Topic Proposals (and potentially related fieldtrip and/or workshop) to the International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress in Flagstaff (SEPM2020).

To foster continued interaction between the many sub-disciplines of sedimentary geosciences, Sessions should be proposed under the umbrella of two broadly designed themes:

Theme 1:
Geodynamic and tectonic evolution of the continents and their margins: implications for ancient depositional systems.

Theme 2:
Ocean-atmospheric controls on surface processes: evolution of life, landscapes, and the sedimentary record.

Currently proposed topics for trips and courses/workshops

Potential Bucket List Field Trips

Potential Workshops/Short Courses