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JP - Journal of Paleontology (JP was co-published with the Paleontological Society until 1984)
JSP - Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
JSR - Journal of Sedimentary Research (formerly JSP)

  Iss Year Author(s) Title of Paper
JP 51:4 1977 Robert J. Horodyski Environmental Influences on Columnar Stromatolite Branching Patterns: Examples from the Middle Proterozoic Belt in Supergroup, Glacier Park, Montana
JSP 47:1 1977 Michael D. Wilson
Edward D. Pittman
Authigenic Clays in Sandstones: Recognition and Influence on Reservoir and Paleoenvironmental Analysis
JP 50:6 1976 Bruce M. Bell Phylogenetic Implications of Ontogenetic Development in the Class Edriosteroida (Echinodermata)
JSP 46:2 1976 Edwin L. Hamilton Variations of Density and Porosity with Depth in Deep-Sea Sediments
JP 49:4 1975 Philip A. Sandberg Bryozoan Diagenesis: Bearing on Nature of the Original Skeleton of Rugose Corals
JSP 45:4 1975 A. Conrad Neumann
Lynton S. Land
Lime Mud Deposition and Calcareous Algae inthe Bight of Abaco, Bahamas: A Budget
JP 48:5 1974 Bruce Runnegar Evolutionary History of teh Bivalve Subclass Anomalodesmata
JSP 44:4 1974 William J. Cleary
John R. Connolly
Hatteras Deep-Sea Fan
JP 47:1 1973 Bruce N. Haugh Water Vascular System of the Crinoides Camerata
JSP 43:2 1973 I. Nicholas McCave The Sedimentology of a Transgression: Portland Point and Cooksburg Members (Middle Devonian), New York State
JP 46:2 1972 Steven M. Stanley Functional Morphology and Evolution of Byssally Attached Bivalve Mollusks
JSP 42:4 1972 Monty A. Hampton The Role of Subaqueous Debris Flow in Generating Turbidity Currents
JP 45:6 1971 J. William Schopf
Jan C. Blacic
New Microorganisms from the Bitter Springs Formation (Late Precambrian) of the North-Central Amadeus Basin, Australia
JSP 41:3 1971 H. Edward Clifton
Ralph E. Hunter
R. L. Phillips
Depositional Structures in the Non-Barred High Energy Nearshore
JP 44:6 1970 J. Robert Dodd
Robert J. Stanton, Jr.
Paleoecologic Techniques - Comparison of Faunal and Geochemical Analyses of Pliocene Paleoenvironments, Kettleman Hills, California
JSP 40:4 1970 George D. Klein Depositional and Dispersal Dynamics of Intertidal Sand Bars
JP 43:4 1969 James W. Valentine Niche Diversity and Niche Size Patterns in Marine Fossils
JSP 39:2 1969 Paul P. Enos Anatomy of a Flysch
JP 42:4 1968 Eugene A. Shinn Burrowing in Recent Lime Sediments of Florida and the Bahamas
JSP 38:3 1968 Thomas W. Todd Paleoclimatology and the Relative Stablility of Feldspar Minerals under Atmospheric Conditions
JP 41:6 1967 Charles A. Ross Development of Fusulinid (Foraminiferida) Faunal Realms
JSP 37:2 1967 Mahlon W. Ball Carbonate Sand Bodies of Florida and the Bahamas
JP 40:5 1966 David M. Ramp Geometric Analysis of Shell Coiling: General Problems
JSP 36:4 1966 Fred T. Mackenzie
Robert M. Garrels
Silica-Bicarbonate Balance in the Ocean and Early Diagenesis
JP 39:3 1965 Porter M. Kier Evolutionary Trends in Paleozoic Echinoids
JSP 35:4 1965 Alan V. Jopling Hydraulic Factors Controlling the Shape of Laminae in Laboratory Deltas
JP 38:3 1964 Richard A. Robinson Late Middle Cambrian Faunas From Western Utah
JSP 34:2 1964 John H. Spotts Grain Orientation and Imbrication in Miocene Turbidity Current Sandstones, California
JP 37:1 1963 J. Harlan Johnson The Algal Genus Archaeolithothamnium and Its Fossil Representatives
JSP 33:3 1963 John M. Christie
Harvey Blatt
Undulatory Extinction in Quarts of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks and Its Significance in Provenance Studies of Sedimentary Rocks
JP 36:2 1962 Michael R. House Observations on the Ammonoid Succession of the North American Devonian
JSP 32:4 1962 John R. L. Allen The Petrology, Origin and Deposition of the Highest Lower Sandstone of Shropshire, England
JP 35:1 1961 William J. Sando Morphology and Ontogeny of Ankhelasma, a New Mississippian Coral Genus
JSP 31:4 1961 Gerald M. Friedman Distinction Between Dune, Beach, and River Sands from their Textural Characteristics
JP 34:1 1960 William A. Oliver, Jr. Rugose Corals from the Reef Limestones
JSP 30:1 1960 Raymond C. Murray Origin and Porosity in Carbonate Rocks
JP 33:1 1959 Paul D. Blackman
Ruth Todd
Mineralogy of Some Foraminifera as Relates to Their Classification and Ecology
JSP 29:3 1959 Robin G. C. Bathurst Diagenesis in Mississippian Calcilutites and Pseudobreccias
JP 32:2 1958 Christina L. Balk
James Lee Wilson
Cambrian Biostratigraphy in North America
JSP 28:1 1958 Louis I. Briggs Evaporite Facies
JP 31:6 1957 Helen Tappan
Alfred R. Loeblich, Jr.
Correlation of the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain Paleocene and Lower Eocene Formations by Means of Planktonic Foraminifera
JSP 27:3 1957 Raymond Siever Pennsylvanian Sandstones of the Eastern Interior Coal Basin
JP 30:3 1956 Christina L. Balk The Evolution of Some Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Trilobite Families
JSP 26:3 1956 Maurice A. Carrigy Organic Sedimentation in Warnbro Sound, Western Australia
JP 29:6 1955 William R. Walton Ecology of Living Benthonic Foraminifera, Todos Santos Bay, California
JSP 25:2 1955 Louis F. Dellwig Origin of the Salina Salt of Michigan
JP 28:3 1954 Donald Parkinson Quantitative Studies of Brachiopods from the Lower Carboniferous Reef Limestones of England
JSP 24:2 1954 Harold N. Fisk
Charles R. Kolb
Edward McFarlan, Jr.
Louis J. Wilbert, Jr.
Sedimentary Framework of the Modern Mississippi Delta
JP 27 1953
none presented
JSP 23 1953
none presented
JP 26:3 1952 Lloyd G. Henbest Significance of Evolutionary Explosions for Diastrophic Division of Earth History
JSP 22:2 1952 Philip H. Kuenen
Henry W. Menard, Jr.
Turbidity Currents, Graded and Non-Graded Deposits

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