2009 Medal and Award Recipients

Supported by the SEPM Foundation, Inc.

Medals and awards will be presented to the awardees at the 2009 President's Reception and Awards Ceremony, during the SEPM Annual Meeting held in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, June 9, 2009.

  • Twenhofel Medalist: Gene Shinn
  • Shepard Medalist: Al Hine
  • Pettijohn Medalist: Hugh Jenkyns
  • Moore Medalist: Leo J. Hickey
  • James Lee Wilson Award: Amy Draut
  • Honorary Member: William A. Morgan
  • Distinguished Service Award: John Southard

2008 Excellence of Oral Presentation (Co-Awardees):
Sherry L. Becker, Lowstands on the Rise?

Linda Hinnov and James Ogg, Applications of the Sedimentary Record of Astronomically-Driven Paleoclimate Oscillations and Trends

2008 Excellence of Poster Presentation (Co-Awardees):
Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, Jerry Lucia and Charlie Kerans, Numerical Model of Reflux Circulation during the Deposition of the Permian San Andres Formation, Guadalupe Mountains and Algerita Escarpment

Martin P. Crundwell and Malcolm J. Arnot, Sub-Millennial Anatomy of Late Miocene Deep-Water Mass-Transport Deposits: Case Studies of the Use of Foraminifera to Decipher the Stratigraphic Significance of the Mount Messenger Depositional System, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

2008 Excellence of Poster Presentation - Honorable Mentions
Christopher R. Mattheus and Antonio B. Rodriguez, Controls from Late Quaternary Valley Incision: a Look from Coastal-Plain Systems from the mid-Atlantic and Northern Gulf of Mexico Margins

Jamie L. Shamrock and David K. Watkins, Evolution of the Cretaceous Nannofossil Genus Eiffellithus and Its Biostratigraphic Significance

2007 Outstanding Paper in Journal of Sedimentary Research
Benison, K.C., Bowen, B.B., Oboh-Ikuenobe, F.E., Jagniecki, E.A., LaClair, D.A., Story, S.L., Mormile, M.R., and Hong, B.Y., Sedimentology of acid saline lakes in southern Western Australia: Newly described processes and products of an extreme environment, JSR v. 77, p. 366-388.

2007 Outstanding Paper in Journal of Sedimentary Research - Honorable Mentions
North, C.P., Nanson, G.C., and Fagan, S.D., Recognition of the sedimentary architecture of dryland anabranching (anastomosing) rivers, JSR v. 77, p. 925-938.

Wells, M.R., Allison, P.A., Piggott, M.D., Gorman, G.J., Hampson, G.J., Pain, C.C., and Fang, F., Numerical modeling of tides in the late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent seaway of North America with implications for hydrography and sedimentation, JSR v. 77, p. 843-865.

Wood, L.J., Quantitative seismic geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene fluvial systems in the northern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A., JSR v. 77, p. 713-730.

2007 Outstanding Paper in PALAIOS
Zonneveld, John-Paul, Beatty, Tyler W., and Pemberton, S. George, Lingulide brachiopods and the trace fossil Lingulichnus from the Triassic of western Canada: Implications for faunal recovery after the end-Permian mass extinction, PALAIOS v. 22, p. 74-97.

2007 Outstanding Paper in PALAIOS - Honorable Mention
Hembree, Daniel and Hasiotis, Stephen T., Paleosols and ichnofossils of the White River Formation of Colorado: Insight into soil ecosystems of the North American Midcontinent during the Eocene-Oligocene transition, PALAIOS v. 22, p. 123-142.

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