Deep Water Deposition

SEPM Deepwater Research Group
Annual Meeting Report
Date: Monday, June 1, 2015, 7-10 PM
Location: Grand Hyatt, Denver, Colorado
The 2015 DWRG Organizers
Jacob A. Covault,
Joris Eggenhuisen,
Program Events:
Zoltan Sylvester spoke on scaling relationships of modern submarine channels and lobes. Bankfull measurements of submarine channels allow for calculation of a range of morphodynamic relationships. Bigger canyon-channel systems feed bigger lobes. Channel morphometric measurements of meander half wavelength and arc length scale with lobe size.
Moving from geomorphic and stratigraphic products to processes, Gary Parker suggested that the Yellow River might be a better fluvial analog for submarine channels than other fluvial systems for which he has advocated in the past. There are limitations to his three and four equation models of turbidity currents, namely with respect to clear water entrainment. Gary Parker stated that in the past, he has advocated for the predominance of subcritical flow in submarine channels and consequent reduced ambient water entrainment. However, recently, Parker and colleagues have developed new formulae to account for turbidity current morphodynamics in which bipartite flows run out infinitely far within channels on constant slope and can be either subcritical or supercritical. The outer layer is independent of an inner, near-bed layer that comprises the majority of sediment. This inner, near-bed layer does not 'feel' the ambient water entrainment of the outer layer. This revelation could explain the common occurrence of supercritical bedforms, including a variety of flavors of sediment waves on the floors of active canyon-channel systems in steep and/or structurally complex bathymetry. See Cantero et al. (2013: Environmental Fluid Mechanics), Yeh et al. (2013: JGR-Earth Surface), and Luchi et al.
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