SEPM Carbonate Research Group
Annual Meeting Report
Date: Monday, June 1, 2015, 7-10 PM
Location: Grand Hyatt, Denver, Colorado

Report by: Beth Vanden Berg, Oklahoma State University

The 2015 CRG Organizers
Beth Vanden Berg, Oklahoma State University,
Kelly Jackson, University of Miami,
Cody Miller,

Report: (Power Point Presentation)
This year’s SEPM Carbonate Research Group met during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver, Colorado, on Monday, June 1, from 7-11 PM at the Grand Hyatt Denver. The program this year included the following components:
      1. Welcome and Announcements
      2. Student Research Poster Presentations and Photo Contest
      3. Carbonate Hot Topic – Panel led discussion: Bridging the gap between carbonate research in academia and industry
      4. Student Photo Contest Winners Announced

There were 110 attendees that filled out the sign-in sheet. However, based on the number of chairs filled and persons standing in the rear of the room, we estimate that approximately 130-150 people attended the event. People in attendance included students, professors, and industry professionals.
Goal of Meeting:
As in previous meetings, the goal was an evening filled with lively scientific discussion and valuable networking between experienced professionals and students – students were highly encouraged to attend!
   1. Announcements:
      a. Recognition of sponsors for the evening: SEPM, Eby Petrography, Gregor Eberli, Morgan Geoscience Consulting, LLC., ConocoPhilips, StatOil, Chevron, Oklahoma State University, and University of Miami –CSL.
      b. Stephen Ruppel: Senior Associate Editor for the AAPG Bulletin: reviewed how peer reviewers can greatly assist AAPG’s goal to publish more papers in a timely fashion.
      c. Rob Forkner, StatOil: Made an announcement about an upcoming SEPM conference.
   2. Carbonate Hot Topic: Panel-led discussion: Bridging the gap between carbonate research in academia and industry: direction, opportunities, and challenges – an industry perspective. Panelists; Paul “Mitch” Harris (retired – Chevron), Bill Morgan (Retired – ConocoPhilips) , Jim Markello (Retired – ExxonMobil), Jean Hsieh (Talisman)

      A presentation by the panel began an open dialogue with those in attendance. Several suggestions were provided to academia regarding how to approach companies for enter into a joint project. Students were provided with several suggestions on how to begin and expand their professional network including attendance and participation at both local and national meetings.

   3. Student Research Posters:
      a. 21 M.S. and Ph.D. students presented research posters.
      b. Each student poster presenter also introduced himself or herself with 1 PowerPoint slide at the beginning of the meeting to help the audience associate faces with names and labs.
      c. Other students (not presenting) also introduced themselves.
      d. SEPM and Chevron provided prizes to all student poster presenters: SEPM water bottle and re-usable bags, Chevron geology quick reference cards.
      e. Submission Instructions Included in Email Announcement: “Students, please email your name, school, advisor, and poster title if you are interested in presenting. Posters can be works in progress or a panel from the general AAPG program from B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. projects at any stage of your degree. This is a great opportunity for feedback! Size is limited to ONE PANEL. Students should also prepare one slide with the corresponding poster information that will be displayed during the introduction of the poster presenters. Students must print and bring their posters to the event on Monday, June 1st. Please arrive early (between 6:30-6:45 to set-up your poster).”

   4. Student Photo Contest:
      a. 12 students submitted photos for the photo contest.
         a. SEPM provided 3 $50 gift cards to the SEPM booth to the first, second, and third place winners. Winners were determined by votes submitted by attendees.
               a. 2014 Photo Contest Winners:
                  i. Jan Norbisrath, CSL – University of Miami
                  ii. Ahmed El Belasy*, Oklahoma State University
                  iii. Pankaj Khanna*, Rice University
                  *Ahmed and Pankaj tied for second place
               b. SEPM paid for the printing of the photos and students got to keep their matted printed photos.
               c. Submission Instructions Included in Email Announcement: “Students, please email ONE digital photo depicting an aspect of your carbonate research or from a field trip you have attended. Please make sure your photo submission is of sufficient resolution to print and include a short caption with your submission. Photos will be displayed and voting will take
place during the SEPM CRG meeting on June 1. Winners
will receive prizes!”

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