SEPM Foundation Grants

2016 SEPM Foundation Student Award Winners

Karin Abrahamsson, University of Kansas
Justin Ahern, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
James Amato, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Anna Andeskie, West Virginia University
Ryan Brembs, State University of New York - Binghamton
Brandon Burke, University of Miami's Rosenstiel School
Rachel Cajigas, University of Arizona
Andrew Canada, University of Idaho
Peter Chutcharavan, University of Florida
Erich de Zoeten, University of Kansas
Nick Ettinger, University of Texas - Austin
Nicholas Fedorchuk, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Matt Fisher, Texas Tech University
Sarah George, University of Texas - Austin
Cassie Geraghty, Washington State University
Julie Griffin, University of California - Davis
Hannah Hubert, University of Kansas
Brittany Hupp, West Virginia University
Brittany Laing, University of Saskatchewan
Zhiyang Li, Indiana University
Madeline Marshall, University of Chicago
Edward Matheson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
James Mauch, Utah State University
Daniel Medina, University of Colorado Boulder
Shawn Moore, University of Utah
Wesley Parker, University of Cincinnati
Maximiliano Paz, University of Saskatchewan
Maxwell Pommer, College of Saint Mary
Theodore Present, California Institute of Technology
Rebekah Simon, University of Colorado Boulder
Andrea Stevens, University of Arizona
Jenny Ulbricht, University of Wisonsin - Milwaukee
Kathleen Warrell, Rutgers University
Patrick Whalen, University of Kentucky
Zackery Wistort, University of Utah
Shana Wolff, University of Arizona

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