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January 2013, v. 83, no. 1
Fourier grain-shape analysis of Antarctic marine core: the relative influence of provenance and glacial activity on grain shape
Daniel N. Livsey, Alexander R. Simms, Warren G. Clary, Julia S. Wellner, John B. Anderson, and John P. Chandler
Figure 2 (pdf)
Figure 3 (pdf)
Syndepositional deformation features in high-relief carbonate platforms: long-lived conduits for diagenetic fluids
David A. Budd, Edmund L. Frost, III, Katherine W. Huntington, and Patricia F. Allwardt
Table 1
Table 2
Unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units (UBSUs) in an Italian alluvial-plain area: recognizing and dating
Vincenzo De Santis, Massimo Cladara, Luigi Pennetta, Trinidad Torres, and Jose Eugenio Ortiz
Appendix 1
February 2013, v. 82, no. 2
Cryogenic cave pearls in the periglacial zone of ice caves
Karel Zak, Monika Orvosova, Michael Filippi, Lukas Vlcek, Bogdan P. Onac, Aurel Persoiu, Jan Rohovec, and Ivo Svetlik
Supplement 1
March 2013, v. 83, no. 3
Distinguishing similar volcanic source areas from an integrated provenance analysis: implications for foreland Andean basins
Augusto N. Varela, Lucia E. Gomez-Peral, Sebastian Richiano, and Daniel G. Poire
Table 1
Table 2
April 2013, v. 83, no. 4 
Stable isotope geochemistry of Vertisols formed on marine limestone and implications for deep-time paleoenvironmental reconstructions
Lauren A. Michel, Steven G. Driese, Lee C. Nordt, Daniel O. Breeker, Dana M. Labotka, and Stephen I. Dworkin
Environmental factors controlling the delta13C and delta18O variations of recent fluvial tufas: a twelve-year record from the Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park (NE Iberian Peninsula)
M. Cinta Osacar, Concha Arenas, Marta Vasquez-Urbez, Carlos Sancho, Luis F. Auque, and Gonzalo Pardo
July 2013, v. 83, no. 7 
Quartz cementation history of sandstones revealed by high-resolution SIMS oxygen isotope analysis
Joseph Harwood, Andrew C. Aplin, Claire I. Fialips, James E. Iliffe, Reinhard Kozdon, Takayuki Ushikubo, and John W. Valley
August 2013, v. 83, no. 8
Geochemical correlation in an exhumed submarine channel complex (Tabernas Basin, SE Spain): comparison to sedimentological correlation at various length scales
Michaela Aehnelt, Richard H. Worden, Andrew C. Canham, Stephen J. Hill, David M. Hodgson, and Stephen S. Flint
The effect of drainage reorganization and climate on the sedimentologic evolution of intermontane lake systems: the final fill stage of the tertiary Ebro Basin (Spain)
Marta Vazquez-Urbez, Concha Arenas, Gonzalo Pardo, and Javier Perez-Rivares
Appendix 1 
Graphic logging for interpreting process-generated stratigraphic sequences and aquifer/reservior potential: with analog shelf to shoreface examples from the Atlantic Coastal Plain Province, U.S.A.
Kathleen M. Farrell, W. Burleigh Harris, David J. Mallinson, Stephen J. Culver, Stanley R. Riggs, John F. Wehmiller, Jseeica Pierson Moore, Jean M. Self-Train, and Jeff C. Lautier
Key to symbols
September 2013, v. 83, no. 9
Tracing clastic delivery to the Permian Delaware Basin, U.S.A.: implications for paleogeography and circulation in westernmost equatorial Pangea
Gerilyn S. Soreghan and Michael J. Soreghan
October 2013, v. 83, no. 10
Lakes, loess, and paleosols in the Permian Wellington Formation of Oklahoma, U.S.A.: implications for paleoclimate and paleogeography of the midcontinent
Jessica M. Giles, Michael J. Soreghan, Kathleen C. Benison, Gerilyn S. Soreghan, and Stephen T. Hasiotis
Appendix 1
November 2013, v. 83, no. 11
Petrological and geochemical constraints on provenance, paleoweathering, and tectonic setting of the Neoproterozoic sedimentary basin in the eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South China
Wei Wang and Mei-Fu Zhou
Supplemental Table 1
  Pb ages of detrital zircons in realtion to geodynamic models: Paleozoic of the Northern Gemercium (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Anna Vozarova, Dusan Laurinc, Katarina Sarinova, Alexander Larinov, Sergey Presnyakov, Nickolay Rodinov, and Ilya Paderin
December 2013, v. 83, no. 12
Carbonate lake deposits associated with distal siliciclastic perennial-river systems
Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, David B. Finklestein, Jessie J. Truchan Holland, and Kevin D. Kallini
Root calcretes and uranium-bearing silcretes at sedimentary discontinuities in the Miocene of the Madrid Basin (Toledo, Spain)
M. Angeles Bustillo, Chloe Plet, and Ana M. Alsonso-Zarza
Major-element concentrations
Assessing detrital garnet chemical concentration as a quantitative provenance tool: a multivariate statistical approach
Jack Hietpas, Scott Samson, Jacqueline Speir, and David Moecher
Sampling locations
A linkage amoung Pangean tectonism, cyclic alluviation, climate change, and biologic turnover in the Late Triassic: the record from the Chinle Formation, southwestern United States
Stacy C. Atchley, Lee C. Nordt, Stephen I. Dworkin, Jahander Ramezani, William G. Parker, Sidney R. Ash, and Samuel A. Bowring
Experimental investigation of sediment-dominated vs. tectonics-dominated sediment transport systems in subsiding basins
Kyle M. Straub, Chris Paola, Wonsuck Kim, and Ben Sheets
  Concentration-dependent flow stratification in experimental high-density turbidity currents and their relevance to turbidite facies models
Matthieu J.B. Cartigny, Joris T. Eggenhuisen, Ernst W.M. Hansen, and George Postma

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