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Thierry Mulder

First Class Professor
University Bordeaux 1
Avenue des Facultés
33405 Talence cedex


Graduated in Geology (1988); Master in geotechnics (1989); Doctor (1992) in Mining and Civil engineering (Nancy; Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine).

Ressearch associate In Ifremer (1992); Atlantic Geoscience Center, Halifax, Canada (1993-1995), Cardiff University of Wales (1995-1997).

   Lecturer and Professor in Bordeaux since 1997.

Research Interests

Clastic sedimentology
Turbidite system
Marine sedimentation and facies
Carbonate slopes
Marine Geotechnics
Deep-sea Turbidite system
Deep-sea gravity processes and deposits
Contourites and contour currents
Turbidite and turbidity currents
Mass-flow deposits
Mass-transport Deposits and Complexes
Flood deposits in marine basins
Submarine slope failures

Areas of expertise:

Recent systems: Var, Nile fans and Mediterranean, Gulf of Cadiz, Bahamas, Saguenay; Capbreton/Cap-Ferret systems; Zaire and Ogooué fans Ancient systems: Annot sandstone, Basque Country flysch, Aberystwyth Grits


Field sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, deep-sea sedimentology and marine sedimentation (Master).

Earth structure and Dynamics, General Geology, Microtectonics (undergraduate).