Figure Preparation

Guidelines for Figure Preparation

Color Figures: Beginning in 2013, JSR will no longer published by SEPM in print, and there will be no charge for color figures.

Graphs: For graph figures, include all four axes and put tick marks on all four axes, but labels only on the two main axes. Choose a set of symbols for data points that give maximum visual distinction. Symbols should be open or solid.


Use clear, sans serif typeface (e.g., Helvetica); all lettering should be at least 1 mm after reduction. Adjust word labels to be of a size that is consistent with the size of the other elements in the figure. Avoid fine lines as they may disappear when figure is reduced. Gray shading may not reproduce well.


Figure Resolution: For review purposes, figure file size should be as small as possible without loosing clarity. For final printing, Allen Press requires a minimum resolution of 200 dpi.


Quality of ArtworkSubmitting original hand-drafted artwork is discouraged, and with the variety of computer drafting programs available, a computer-generated line drawing or figure is becoming standard. Figures drafted in PowerPoint are highly discouraged, as they do not reproduce well.


Labels: Figure labels, such as A, B, C, etc, should be in the upper left corner. It is best to include this lettering within the frame of the figure, so as not to waste space.


Photos: With photos, use common sense in putting white lettering on a dark background or dark lettering on a light background.


Figure Sizes

JSR has three standard sizes for figures:

  1. one column (about 8.8 cm wide)
  2. two columns or full page (about 18.2 cm wide)
  3. two-thirds page (12.5 cm wide)
  • maximum height is 23.2 cm


For the last size, the figure is placed on the left and the caption goes to the right if it'll fit. We can accommodate any size between the one-column and two column sizes. If you don't think ahead about which size your figure will be, we'll have to make the decision. We urge you to think for yourself about the appropriate size and then go to a reducing copy machine to make a test (reduce and see if words/numbers are still legible).

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