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January 2012, v. 82, no. 1
Geochemical constraints on the provenance and depositional setting of the Devonian Luiling Group, East Qinling Mountains, Central China: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Qiling orogenic belt
Zhen Yan, Zongqi Wang, Quanren Yan, Tao Wang, and Xianqing Guo
p. 1-12 
February 2012, v. 82, no. 2
Modal and geochemical composition of the Lower Silurian clastic rocks in North Qilian, NW China: implications for provenance, chemical weathering, and tectonic setting
Jianghai Yang, Yuansheng Du, Peter A. Cawood, and Yajun Xu
Table 1
Table 2 
p. 92-103
Flow-depth scaling in alluvial architecture and nonmarine sequence stratigraphy: example from the Castlegate Sandstone, central Utah, U.S.A.
E.A. Hajek and P.L. Heller
p. 121-103
March 2012, v.  82, no. 3 
Reactive transport modeling of brine reflux: dolomitization, anhydrite precipitation, and porosity evolution
Anwar B. Al-Helal, Fiona F. Whitaker, and Yitian Xiao
May 2012, v. 82, no. 5
Sedimentology of an erg to erg-margin depositional system, the Rush Springs Sandstone of western Oklahoma, U.S.A.: implications for paleowinds across northwestern Pangea during the Guadalupian (middle Permian)
Zachary A. Poland and Alexander R. Simms
June 2012, no. 6
Cathodolumenescence spectra of quartz as provenance indicators revisited
Carita Augustsson and Annalena Reker
July 2012, no. 7
Depths of modern coastal sand clinoforms  
Neil C. Mitchell, Gerhard Masselink, John M. Huthnance, Luis M. Fernandez-Salas, and Francisco J. lobo 
August 2012, no. 8
Petrological, geochemical, and statistical analysis of Eocene-Oligocene sandstones of the western Thrace Basin, Greece and Bulgaria
Luca Carcaciolo, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Salvatore Critelli, Piero Manetti, Peter Marchev, and Hilmar von Eynatten
Petrographic Data Set: Smaple Locations
Geochemistry Data Set
September 2012, v. 82, no. 9
Integrating seiving and laser data to obtain bulk grain-size densities
Pedro Dinis and Ana Castilho
Milankovitch-scale sequence stratigraphy and stepped forced regressions of the Turonian Ferron Notom deltaic complex, south-central Utah, U.S.A.
Yijie Zhu, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Weigou Li, Thomas J. Lapen, Brian R. Jicha, and Brad S. Singer
November 2012, v. 82, no.11
Timing and rates of flysch sedimentation in the Stanley Group, Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas, U.S.A.: constraints from U-Pb zircon ages of subaqueous ash-flow tuffs
Barry J. Shaulis, Thomas J. Lapen, John F. Casey, and Douglas R. Reid
The sandstone-derived provenance record of the Gualala Basin, nothern California, U.S.A.
Amalia C. Doebbert, Alan R. Carrol, and Clark Johnson
Figure A1
Table A2
December 2012, v. 82, no. 12
Syndepositional deformation in a high-relief carbonate platform and its effect on early fluid flow as revealed by dolomite patterns
Edmond L. Frost, III, David A. Budd, and Charles Kerans

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