Digital Geospatial Context for 3-D Source-to-Sink


Digital Geospatial Context for 3-D Source-to-Sink Models:

New Insights into the Classic Shelf to Basin System of the

Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains

April 26-May 1, 2012 Carlsbad, NM

(Immediately following 2012 AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting)

Conveners: Charles Kerans and Jerome A. Bellian

Principal contributors: Ned Frost, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Dave Hunt, David Mohrig, Ted Playton, Phil Resor, and Toni Simo

Research Conference Scope:

This conference will highlight and synthesize the impact of new research and technologies on the classic Guadalupe/Delaware Mt. reef-rimmed platform to clastic deep-water basin transect. The Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains have served as outcrop analogs for carbonate and siliciclastic subsurface reservoirs worldwide for over 6 decades. Few outcrops offer the platform-to-basin continuity and scale of the Guadalupe/Delaware Mountain complex. No regional synthesis of this area has been conducted in over 30 years. Using evolving digital outcrop imaging technology including high-resolution airborne Lidar and photography, the University of Texas DGS, the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Chevron, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and Statoil are tackling different parts of this larger platform system.

This conference will provide a unique opportunity for both researchers active in the area and those less familiar with the Capitan-Delaware exposures to review, discuss, and synthesize diverse datasets and interests using a common template, viewing actual and virtual outcrops as a cross-disciplinary group. The extensive 5-day program will include visits to most key exposures, as well as time in the classroom and portable VR setup to discuss and review observations and models. New concepts in steep reef-rimmed carbonate slope and channel systems, the role of syndepositional fractures and fault zones, early and late diagenetic overprints, and the evolving stratigraphic framework will be highlighted.


The conference will be a combination of lectures/discussions alternating with field excursions. Lecture/discussion will be supported by a mobile 3-D visualization center provided by the Bureau of Economic Geology.


The conference will begin in El Paso, TX on April 26th, 2012 with two days of lectures and posters integrated with three and a half days of field excursions based out of Carlsbad, NM, and conclude on May 1st in El Paso, TX.
What’s included?

Registration fees will cover:

·         hotels in El Paso, TX and Carlsbad, NM (double occupancy)

·         breakfast and lunch each day of the meeting,

·         ground transportation all days of the conference beginning and ending in El Paso, TX

·         two group dinners

 All other dinners and transportation to and from El Paso, TX are the responsibility of the participants. Registration fees will announced once accurate pricing has been obtained from the transportation and lodging companies.

Where are we going?

·         Day 1 - Meet in El Paso, TX for intro lectures

·         Day 2 – Western Escarpment/Bone-Shumard Canyons– 3D modeling of complex carbonate slope with bedrock canyons filled by deepwater clastics of Brushy Canyon

·         Day 3 - Pine/Bell Canyon, McKitrick Canyon – New models for carbonate slope architecture

·         Day 5- Rattlesnake Canyon syndepositional faults, fracture systems and karst

·         Day 6 - Dark Canyon – Integration of high-resolution stratigraphy, fracture systems, and diagenesis from early dolomite to late hydrocarbon migration

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