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Reviews of Books about Sedimentary Geology
Beginning in 2011, book reviews for topics on sedimentary geology will be listed in the quarterly Sedimentary Record and the full review will appear online here under the Sedimentary Record menu.  Prior to 2011, Book Reviews can be found under JSR webpages and reviews on paleontological topics can found under PALAIOS webpages. Paleontological book reviews will continue to be handled by PALAIOS editors.  See the bottom of the page to submit a book for review.
Book Reviews (click on the title to download full review PDF)

Sedimentology of China, (2nd ed.), edited by Feng Zhengzao, 2013

Sedimentology of China, (2nd ed.), edited by Feng Zhengzao, 2013 (Chinese version)

The Geology of Shark Bay, by P.E. Playford, A.E. Cockbain, P.F. Berry, P.W. Haines & B.P. Brooke, 2013

Ore Deposit Geology, by John Ridley, 2013

Mid-latitude Slope Deposits (Cover beds), edited by Arno Kleber & Birgit Terhorst, 2013

Sediments, morphology and sedimentary processes on continental shelves - advances in technologies, research and applications, edited by Michael Z. Li, Christopher R. Sherwood & Philip R. Hill, 2012

Tracking environmental change using lake sediments, Vol. 5: Data handling and numerical techniques, edited by H. John B. Birks, André F. Lotter, Steve Juggins & John P. Smol, 2012

Bootstrap geologist - my life in science, by Gene Shinn, 2013

Trace fossils as indicators of sedimentary environments, edited by D. Knaust & R.G. Bromley, 2012

Landslides - types, mechanisms and modelling, edited by John J. Clague & Douglas Stead, 2012

The Baltic Sea Basin, edited by Jan Harff, Svente Björck & Peer Hoth, 2011

Mineralogical and geochemical approaches to provenance, edited by E. Troy Rasbury, Sidney R. Hemming & Nancy R. Riggs, 2012

Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity, edited by G.I. Alsop, S.G. Archer, A.J. Hartley, N.T. Grant & R. Hodgkinson, 2012

Mélanges - Processes of formation and societal significance, edited by John Wakabayashi & Yildirim Dilek, 2011.

Sedimentary rocks in the field - a practical guide (4th ed.), by M.E. Tucker, 2011.

The global cryosphere - past, present and future, by Roger G. Barry & Thian Yew Gan, 2011

Geology underfoot, in Yellowstone country, by Marc S. Hendrix, 2011.

Principles of tidal sedimentology, edited by Richard A. Davis Jr. & Robert W. Dalrymple, 2011.  

The geological record of Neoproterozoic glaciations, edited by Emmanuelle Arnaud, Galen P. Halverson & Graham Shields-Zhou, 2011. 

Ice-marginal and periglacial processes and sediments, edited by I.P. Martini, H.M. French & A. Perez-Alberti, 2011.

Atlas of sedimentary structures in estuarine and tidally-influenced river deposits of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt system , by Allard W. Martinius & J.H. (Janrik) van den Berg, 2011.

San Juan Basin gas field and reservoirs, by Donald E. Owen & Charles F. Head, Edited by Richard A. Ashmore, 2011

The Battle for North Carolina's Coast, by S. Riggs, D. Ames, S. Culver and D. Mallinson, 2011. 

Fjord systems and archives, edited by J. Howe, W. Austin, M. Forwick and M. Paetzel, 2011

Deep-sea Sediments, edited by H. Huneke and T. Mulder, 2011.

Erosion and sedimentation, by Pierre Julien, 2010

Physical Principles of sedimentary basins analysis, by Magnus Wangen, 2010

Neritic carbonate sediments in a temperate realm - southern Austrailia, by Noel James and Yvonne Bone, 2011 

The revolution in geology from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, edited by Gary D. Rosenberg, 2009

Inland drift sand landscapes, edited by Josef Fanta & Henk Siepel, 2010

Petrology of sedimentary rocks (2nd ed.), by Sam Boggs Jr., 2009

Geobiology - microbial mats in sandy deposits from the Archean era to today, by Nora Noffke, 2010

Petroleum geological atlas of the southern Permian Basin area, edited by H. Doornenbal and A. Stevenson, 2010.

Rocknocker - a geologist's memoir, by George Devries Klein, 2009.

Deserts and desert environments, by Julie Laity, 2008.

The geology of sedimentary sequences (2nd edition) by Andrew D. Miall, 2010.

SEPM no longer accepts general book reviews for publication.

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