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February 2010, Volume 80, Number 2

Pedogenic carbonates in Texas: stable-isotope distributions and their implications for reconstructing region-wide paleoenvironments
Jie Zhou and Henry S. Chafetz 
     Stable-isotope data

p. 137-150

Factors controlling peat compaction in alluvial floodplains: a case study in the cold-temperate Cumberland Marshes, Canada 
Sanneke van Asselen, Esther Stouthamer, and Norman D. Smith 
     Appendices 1-3

p. 155-166

Large distributive fluvial systems: characteristics, distribution, and controls on development
Adrian J. Hartley, Gary S. Weissmann, Gary G. Nichols, and Gail L. Warwick
     Appendix 1           Appendix 2


p. 167-183
April 2010, Volume 80, Number 4
     A Architecture and facies distribution  of organic-clastic lake fills in the fluvio-deltaic Rhine-Meuse system 

Ingwer J. Bos
Supplement 1     
Supplement 2     
Supplement 3    
Supplement 4

p. 339-356
May 2010, Volume 80, Number 5



p. 440-454
July 2010, Volume 80, Number 8
Use of low-cost Multistripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) scanning technology for three-dimensional quantitative paleoichnological and neoichnological studies
Brian F. Platt, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Daniel R. Hirmas
Movie 1: Animation of a rotating digital model of Feoichnus
Movie 2: tetradactyl dinosaur track cast
Movie 3: latex mold of a tridactyl dinosaur track
Movie 4: elephant track.
Movie 5: brown scorpion burrow
Movie 6: ghost crab burrow
Movie 7: marsh crab burrow
Movie 8: Kenyan sand boa burrow
Movie 9: skink burrow
Movie 10: tiger beetle larva burrow
Movie 11: wolf spider burrow    
p. 590-610
Application of quartz sand microtextural analysis to infer cold-climate weathering for the equatorial Fountain Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian, Colorado, U.S.A.)
Dustin E. Sweet and Gerilyn Soreghan
p. 666-676
The origin of the millimeter-scale lamination in the Neoproterozoic lower Beck Spring Dolomite: implications for widespread, fine-scale, layer-parallel diagenesis in Precambrian carbonates
Sean J. Loyd and Frank Corsetti
p. 678-687
September 2010, Volume 80, Number 9
Acoustic properties of ancient shallow-marine carbonates: effects of depositional environments and diagenetic processes (Middle Jurassic, Paris Basin, France)
Benjamin Brigaud, Benoit Vincent, Christophe Durlet, Jean-Francois Deconinck, Philippe Blanc, and Alain Trouiller
p. 791-807
October 2010, Volume 80, Number 10
Arkose, subarkose, quartz sand, and associated muds dervied from felsic plutonic rocks in glacial to tropical humid climates
Peter C. van de Kamp
p. 895-918

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