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February 2009, Volume 79, Number 2
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Evidence for dynamic climate change on sub-106-year scales from the late Paleozoic glacial record, Tamworth Belt, New South Wales, Australia
Lauren P. Birgenheier, Christopher R. Fielding, Micheal C. Rygel, Tracy D. Frank, and John Roberts 
     Appendix 1

p. 56-82
June 2009, Volume 79, Number 6
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A dominant tectonic signal in high-frequency, peritidal carbonate cycles? A regional analysis of Liassic platforms from the western Tethys
Dan Bosence, Emily Procter, Marc Aurell, Atef Bel Kahla, Marcelle Boudagher-Fadel, Francesca Casaglia, Simonetta Cirilli, Mohammed Mehdie, Luis Nieto, Javier Rey, Rudolph Scherreiks, Mohamed Soussi, and David Waltham
     Figure A1.---Locality maps for each of the logged sections in the Mediterranean area (pdf)

p. 389-415
July 2009, Volume 79, Number 7
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Detrital rutile geochemistry and thermometry as guides to provenance of Jurassic–Paleocene sandstones of the Norwegian Sea
Andrew Morton and Simon Chenery 
Rutile Geochemical Data

p. 540-553
August 2009, Volume 79, Number 8
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Igneous origin of CO2 in ancient and Recent hot-spring waters and travertines from the northern Argentinean Andes
Roger O. Gibert, Conxita Taberner, Alberto Sáez, Santiago Giralt, Ricardo N. Alonso, R. Lawrence Edwards, and Juan J. Pueyo

Table A1 

p. 554-567

Mapping and quantifying the clay aggregate microporosity in medium- to course-grained sandstones using the 14C-PPMA method
Paul Sardini, Abderrazak El Albani, Dimitri Pret, Stéphane Gaboreau, Marja Siitari-Kauppi, and Daniel Beaufort
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p. 584-592

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