Open Access Policy

SEPM Open Access Policy - 2013

The SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) will respond positively to the new RCUK and OSTP policies on public access to research results and will implement new policies for articles received on or after August 8, 2013. These policies will apply to all authors, and the Society will retain its commitment to publishing only high-quality peer-reviewed research outputs.

The Society’s journals and online book publications will take a hybrid approach to publication, enabling a combination of Gold (author pays) Open Access, Green (repository) Open Access and access-controlled (subscription) articles. SEPM will also work with co-publishers to encourage the adoption of compatible policies.

Gold Open Access:

  1. For an article to be published on a Gold Open Access basis, the payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC) is required on acceptance of the article for publication. Payment must be received prior to online publication. The APC charged for Gold OA will be $2,700 for articles submitted in 2013.
  2. APC charges will be reviewed on a regular basis, and may be waived for (e.g.) commissioned journal articles. A discount of $200 will be available for members of the Society, and discounts may be offered to authors from developing countries. The eligibility for a discount is restricted to the first author’s status.
  3. Gold OA articles will be published under the terms of the CC-BY 3.0 license. These terms include the readers freedom to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to Remix — to adapt the work; and to make commercial use of the work as long as the source of the work is attributed in the manner specified by the licensor (SEPM) (but not in any way that suggests that the authors or publishers endorse the use of the work). SEPM requires attribution to include a full reference, including author(s), date and publication.

Green Open Access:

  1. All articles may be published under these terms of Green Open Access.
  2. Authors may post a copy of the accepted version (i.e. post-peer review but not yet copy-edited or finally formatted published version) of their article, accompanied by a link to the relevant article abstract at in their institutional repository or a subject-based repository required by their funder after the embargo period has passed. There is no embargo period for posting accepted versions of manuscripts.  Authors are allowed to send a final published PDF eprint version of their article to other individuals as an eprint. Under no circumstances may the publisher’s final version (e.g. final version of the online PDF) be posted under the terms of Green Open Access at any other online depository. All regular copyrights will apply.

Subscription Pricing:

  1. Subscriptions may be charged for SEPM titles for as long as they continue to contain articles for which no APC has been paid. For each journal/series a base-line subscription will be calculated annually for the following calendar year. This price will reflect the price of the journal assuming no Gold Open Access content.
  2. Each year an Open Access Discount will be provided to non-member renewing subscribers reflecting the level of APCs received from the previous year. The level of this Discount will fluctuate by year, but as the volume of Gold Open Access content grows, the level of discount should increase and the subscription price should decrease in real terms. The Open Access Discount will be explicitly stated on all price lists and subscription invoices.

Compliance with funder and license requirements:

  1. In all cases it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that their chosen route to publication is compliant with any requirements or obligation placed upon them by their funder or employer. SEPM takes no responsibility for advising authors on compliance.
  2. Authors wishing to have their article published via Gold Open Access have responsibility for ensuring that all components of their work (for example, data, figures or tables included in the final version) are compatible with the requirements of the CC-BY 3.0 license ( SEPM cannot advise on such issues, nor undertake negotiations with rights holders on an author’s behalf.