RC-Propagation of Env Signals S2S

                                                   SEPM Research Conference

Propagation of Environmental Signals within Source-to-Sink Stratigraphy

Dates: June 5th – 9th, 2017*

Location: Tremp & Ainsa, Spanish Pyrenees

Conference Summary


The focus of this research conference is on controls on clastic sedimentation at different geologic time-scales and the propagation of sediment-flux signals in the stratigraphic record of correlative segments of source-to-sink sedimentary systems. The conference will aim to bring together scientists from Academia and Industry interested in the stratigraphic responses to tectonic, climatic and sea-level controls on sedimentation, and how these signals propagate or attenuate along the depositional profile.

Contributions will be solicited from earth scientists to cover the following:

          *   Studies from outcrop, subsurface and modern sedimentary systems showing long-range signal propagation along the

            sedimentary routing system

         *   Numerical and physical laboratory models of stratigraphic signal generation, propagation and attenuation 

·       *   Sediment flux vs accommodation and controlling effects on sediment partitioning

·       *   Advances in tectonic geomorphology and application to understanding the stratigraphic record

·       *   Thermochronometric methods applied to provenance controls

·       *   Detection of climatic and tectonic signals and their timescales through use of multi-proxies

The 5-day meeting will be an integrated conference and field excursion, with approximately half the time spent in the field. The Pyrenean foreland basin offers a great opportunity to visit world-class exposures of outcrops that, through decades of geologic study, permit the investigation of cyclicity in correlative stratigraphy from alluvial, fluvial, shallow marine, slope and deep marine environments.



Sébastien Castelltort (University of Geneva)

Julian Clark (Statoil)

Andrea Fildani (Statoil)

Cai Puigdefàbregas (University of Barcelona)

Confirmed Key Note Speakers:

Michael Blum (University of Kansas), Douglas Burbank (UC Santa Barbara), Ole Martinsen (Statoil), Daniel Stockli (UT Austin) and Sean Willett (ETH, Zürich)


Thank you to our conference sponsor!

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