Mountjoy II - Carbonate Pore Systems

Dates:        25-29 June, 2017
Location:   University of Texas, Commons Learning Center and BEG Core Facility
City:           Austin, TX, USA

Conference Program Now Available! View PDF
The SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) and CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists) sponsored 2017 Mountjoy Conference is being held June 26-29 in Austin, Texas.

Five oral/poster technical sessions will address the overall theme of the Conference - Carbonate Pore Systems.
Sedimentological, Stratigraphic, and Diagenetic Controls on Development of Carbonate Pore Systems – Session chairs are Mike Grammer | Oklahoma State University, James Bishop | Chevron, and David Budd | University of Colorado
Microporosity in Conventional and Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs – Session chairs are Steve Kaczmarek | Western Michigan University, Gregor Baechle | Consultant, Houston, TX, and Bob Loucks | BEG University of Texas
Multiscale Prediction and Upscaling of Carbonate Porosity and Permeability – Session chairs are Neil Hurley | Chevron, Ralf Weger | University of Miami, and Beth Vandenberg | British Petroleum (BP)
Interactions in Multi-Modal Pore Systems – Session chairs are Bob Goldstein | University of Kansas , Charlie Kerans | University of Texas, and Alex MacNeil | Osum Oil Sands Co.
Visualization, Quantification, and Modeling of Carbonate Pore Systems and Their Fluid Flow Behavior – Session chairs are Paul (Mitch) Harris | University of Miami / Rice University, Gregor Eberli | University of Miami, and Gareth Jones | ExxonMobil
Included in the fee for the Conference is a choice of 1-day field trip. Participants will choose one from the following four trips:
Albian-Age Pipe Creek Rudist Build-Ups and Impact of Touching and Non-Touching Vugs on Reservoir Characterization — Leader is Laura Zahm | Statoil
Fractures and Pores within Evaporite Paleokarst Systems: An Example from the Cretaceous of Texas – Leader is Chris Zahm | BEG University of Texas
Fractures, Faults, and Karst Caverns: Architecture of the Non-Matrix Reservoir Elements – Leaders is Bob Loucks | BEG University of Texas
Fault Zone Deformation and Displacement Partitioning in Mechanically Layered Carbonates: The Hidden Valley Fault, Central Texas – Leaders are David Ferrill, Alan Morris and Ronald McGinnis | Southwest Research Institute
Also included in the registration fee is a major Core Workshop with cores representing a spectrum of geologic time and depositional settings, as well as unique diagenetic environments. The cores will be highlighted in a core preview display during one of the poster sessions, with the full core display and discussion with presenters to be held at the Austin Core Research Center (CRC), located adjacent to the University of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology headquarters.
Plan to join us for this timely and substantial Conference. Please contact any of the meeting organizers below with questions.
General Chair - Paul (Mitch) Harris (
Oral and Poster Sessions - Don McNeill ( and Gene Rankey (
Core Workshop - Laura Zahm (
Field Trips - Astrid Arts ( and Chris Zahm (
Social Events - Jean Hsieh (
Sponsorships are still available for the conference! Download form here. 

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