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Special Publications Print Copy

SP 105– Deposits, Architecture, and Controls of Carbonate Margin, Slope and Basinal Settings

SP 104– New Frontiers in Paleopedology

SP 103– Analyzing the Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins

SP 102– Sedimentary Geology of Mars

SP 101– Microbial Mats in Siliciclastic Depositional Systems

SP 100– End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction and the Chicxulub Impact

SP 96 – Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings

SP 95 – Cenozoic Carbonate Systems of Australasia

Special Publications CDs

SP 80 – Aquifer Characterization

SP 58 – Paleogeographic Evolution and Non-Glacial Eustacy: Northern South America

SP 30 – European Fossil Reef Models

SP 29 – Marine Phosphorites

SP 19 – Modern and Ancient Geosynclinal Sedimentation

SP 10 – Polar Wandering and Continental Drift

SP 9 – Taxonomic Notes on the Species Figured by H. B. Brady in his Report on the Foraminifera Dredged by H.M.S. Challenger During the Years 1873-1876

SP 1 – Bibliography of Otoliths

 CSP Series - Concepts in Sed and Paleontology Print Copy

CSP 1 0 – Outcrops Revitalized - Tools, Techniques and Applications

  Short Course Notes Print Copy

SC 36 – Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Tech for Sedimentary Data

Short Course Notes CDs/DVDs

SC 53 – Satellite Imagery, Visualization and Geological Interp of the Exumas, Great Bahama Bank (DVD)

SC 32 – Introduction to Environmental Hydrogeology

SC 18 – Paleoclimates and Economic Geology

SC 8 – Principles and Applications of Coal Petrology


Core Workshop Notes CDs

CW 14 – Miocene and Oligocene Petroleum Reservoirs of the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara – Ventura Basins, California

Field Guides Print Copy

FT 10 – Evolution of Deep-Water Architecture - Magallanes Basin

  Field Guides CDs

FT 5 – Southeastern United States

FT 4 – Fine-Grained Deposits and Biofacies of the Cretaceous Wetsern Interior Seaway

FT 3 – Pleistocene Shoreline and Shelf Deposits at Fort Funston and their Relation to Sea-Level Changes

FT 2 – Stratigraphic, Tectonic, Thermal and Diagenetic Histories of the Monterey Formation, Pismo and Huasna Basin, California

GCSSEPM Publications and CDs (All Print Copies unless otherwise mentioned)
GCS001 Recognition of Shallow-Water vs Deep-Water Sedimentary

GCS004 Characteristics of Gulf Basin Deep-Water Sediments
GCS005 Timing of Siliciclastic Diagenesis: Relationship
GCS006 Shelf Sedimentation, Shelf Sequences and Related Hydr
GCS007 Innovative Biostratigraphic Approaches to Sequence
GCS008 Gulf Coast Oils and Gases: Their Characteristics
GCS009 Coastal Depositional Systems in the Gulf of Mexico
GCS010 Salt, Sediment and Hydrocarbons
GCS011 Stratigraphic Analysis Utilizing Advanced Geophys CD
GCS012 Shallow Marine and Nonmarine Reservoirs
GCS014 Advanced Reservoir Char for the 21st Century CD
GCS016 Gulf of Mexico Salt Tectonics, Associated Processes
GCS019 Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Dev of the Gulf of Mexico CD
GCS020 Rates of Geologic Processes, Tectonics, Sediment CD
GCS021 Petroleum Systems of Deep-Water Basins CD
GCS023 Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petro CD
GCS024 Salt Sediment Interactions and Hydrocarbon Prospect CD
GCS025 Petroleum Systems of Divergent Continental CD
GCS026 Reservoir Characterization: Integrating Tech & Basin CD
GCS027 Paleogene of the Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Basins CD
GCS028 Answering the Challenges of Production from Deep-Water CD
GCS029 Unconventional Energy Resources CD
GCS030 Seismic Imaging of Depositional & Geomorphic Systems CD
GCS031 Attributes: New Views on Seismic Imaging CD
GCS032 New Understanding of the Petroleum Systems CD
GCS033 Sedimentary Basins: Origin, Depositional Histories CD
GCS201 Strat Study, Pleistocene to Mid Eoc
GCS202 Geol Field Guide to Neogene Sec
GCS203 Middle Eocene Coastal Plain and Nearshore Deposits
GCS204 Deltaic Sedimentation on the Lousiana Coast
GCS205 Upper Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy and Bios
GCS206 Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Strata in the Moffat
GCS207 Middle Eocene of Houston Co
GCS210 Structure and Stratigraphy of South Texas and NE Mexico CD
GCS211 Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Paleo CD
GCS212 Sequence Stratigraphy and Cyclostratigraphy CD
GCS213 Biostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of the Subs CD
GCS403 Type Local of Gulf Coast, Unit III
GCS404 The Ruins of Tikal
GCS406 Lower Cretaceous Depositional Enviroments
GCS409 Gulf of Mex Basin Biostrat Index CD
GCS411 Deep-Water Core Workshop CD
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