Mountjoy Registration

2017 Mountjoy Carbonate Research Conference
June 25-29 (Sun - Th)
University of Texas, Commons Learning Center & BEG Core Facility
Austin, Texas USA
Professional Member Registration $ 600
Professional Non-member Registration $700
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Field Trips - Tuesday June 27, 2017 -Choose one (One Tuesday trip is included in the registration fee)
Registration is based on first come first serve basis and each trip has a limited number of spots.  **Don't wait register now** See full field trip descriptions HERE.
T1 - Pipe Creek - Albian-age Pipe Creek Rudist Build-Ups and Impact of Touching and Non-Touching Vugs on Reservoir Characterization (Max 40 Participants) SOLD OUT
T2 - Evaporitic Karst - Fractures and Pores within Evaporite Paleokarst Systems:  An Example from the Cretaceous of Texas (Max 40 Participants)
T3 - Longhorn Cavern - Fractures, Faults, and Karst Caverns:  Architecture of the Non-Matrix Reservoir Elements (Max 20 Participants)  SOLD OUT
T4 - Canyon Lake Fault - Fault zone deformation and displacement partitioning in mechanically layered carbonates:  The Hidden Valley fault, central Texas (Max 44 Participants)
 To register for Pre and Post Conference Field Trips, Click Here. (not included in registration fee)
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   Yes, I will be attending the off site group Dinner Tuesday at the Abel's on the Lake restaurant.
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