SEPM Annual Meeting

SEPM Annual Meeting Sponsorship Form

ACE and SEPM Annual Meeting Sponsorship

SEPM activities at the upcoming ACE meeting in San Antonio greatly benefit from the financial sponsorship of its members and their companies.

To this end I am soliciting financial sponsorship from all of you and/or your companies to help make SEPM Activities at its Annual Meeting as good as they can be.

Please review the activities below and consider sponsoring them. Note that a personal donation to SEPM as a 501-c-3 charitable organization may be tax deductible in the United States.

Any amount will help SEPM.

Activity Amount ($)

Donations can be made by completing this form with a credit card or contact Theresa Scott ( :

All SEPM sponsorships will include recognition in advertising signage, President’s Reception Booklet and website page sponsor recognition.

Do you wish to apply your SEPM ACE Sponsorship to the AAPG ACE Sponsorship Total?

If you wish your SEPM sponsorship to also count towards your total level of ACE sponsorship, please indicate here and SEPM will fill out the appropriate ACE 2018 Sponsorship Agreement in your name and indicating the amount that you have donated to SEPM. 

ACE Sponsorship Levels
  • Patron - $500
  • Bronze - $1,000
  • Silver - $5,000
  • Gold - $7,500
  • Platinum - $10,000
  • Titanium - $20,000+
  • Diamond - $40,000+
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