Best Journal Paper (1978 - 2003)

JP - Journal of Paleontology (JP was co-published with the Paleontological Society until 1984)
JSP - Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
JSR - Journal of Sedimentary Research (formerly JSP)

  Iss Year Author(s) Title of Paper
JSR 73:2 2003 Stephan F. Pekar
Nicholas Christie-Blick
Kenneth G. Miller
Michelle A. Kominz
Quantitative Constraints on the Origin of Stratigraphic Architecture at Passive Continental Margins: Oligocene Sedimentation in New Jersey, U.S.A.
PAL 18:2 2003 David H. Goodwin
Bernd R. Schöne
David L. Dettman
Resolution and Fidelity of Oxygen Isotopes as Paleotemperature Proxies in Bivalve Mollusk Shells: Models and Observations
JSR 72:5 2002 Eugene C. Rankey Spatial Patterns of Sediment Accumulation on a Holocene Carbonate Tidal Flat, Northwest Andros Island, Bahamas
PAL 17:5 2002 Christophe Dupraz
André Strasser
Nutritional Modes in Coral - Microbialite Reefs (Jurassic, Oxfordian, Switzerland): Evolution of Trophic Structure as a Response to Environmental Change
JSR 71:4 2001 Stephen R. Meyers
Bradley S. Sageman
Linda A. Hinnov
Integrated Quantitative Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian Bridge Creek Limestone Member Using Evolutive Harmonic Analysis and Stratigraphic Modeling
PAL 16:5 2001 Thomas D. Olszewski
Mark E. Patzkowsky
Measuring Recurrence of Marine Biotic Gradients: A Case Study from the Pennsylvanian-Permian Midcontinent
JSR 70:3 2000 Jeff Peakall
Bill McCaffrey
Ben Kneller
A Process Model for the Evolution, Morphology and Architecture of Sinuous Submarine Channels
PAL 15:4 2000 David A. Eberth
David S. Berman
Stuart S. Sumida
Hagen Hopf
Lower Permian Terrestrial Paleoenvironments and Vertebrate Paleoecology of the Tambach Basin (Thuringia, Central Germany): The Upland Holy Grail
JSR 69:6 1999 Erik P. Kvale
Hollis W. Johnson
Charles P. Sonnett
Allen W. Archer
Ann Zawistoski
Calculating lunar retreat rates using tidal rhythmites
PAL 14:6 1999 Samuel J. Bentley
Charles A. Nittrouer
Physical and biological influences on the formation of sedimentary fabric in an oxygen-restricted depositional environment: Eckernforde Bay, southwestern Baltic Sea
JSR 68:6 1998 Scott W. Tinker Shelf-to-basin facies distributions and sequence stratigraphy of a steep-rimmed carbonate margin: Capitan depositional system, McKittrick Canyon, New Mexico and Texas
PAL 13:5 1998 Alice S. Chang
Kurt A. Grimm
Lisa D. White
Diatomaceous sediments from the Miocene Monterey Formation, California: a lamina-scale investigation of biological, ecological, and sedimentary processes
JSR 67:1 1997 Brian Jones
Robin Renaut
Michael Rosen
Biogenicity of silica precipitation around geysers and hot spring vents, North Island, New Zealand
PAL 12:4 1997 Conrad Labandeira
Tom L. Phillips
Roy A. Norton
Oribatid mites and the decomposition of plant tissues in Paleozoic coal-swamp forests
JSR B66:6 1996 Bruce H. Wilkinson
Nathaniel W. Diedrich
Carl N. Drummond
Facies successions in peritidal carbonate sequences
PAL 11:3 1996 Ronald E. Martin Secular Increase in Nutrient Levels through the Phanerozoic: Implications for Productivity, biomass and Diversity of the Marine Biosphere
JSR B65:1 1995 Scudder D. Mackey
John S. Bridge
Three-dimensional model of alluvial stratigraphy: theory and application
PAL 10:6 1995 Adolph Seilacher Ammonites as Cartesian Drivers
JSP B64:2 1994 John E. Koss
Frank G. Ethridge
Stanley A. Schumm
An experimental study of the effects of base-level change on fluvial, coastal plain and shelf systems
PAL 9:6 1994 Martin Aberhan Guild-structure and Evolution of Mesozoic Benthic Shelf Communities
JSP 63:3 1993 Robert Goldhammer
Patrick J. Lehmann
P. A. Dunn
The origin of high-frequency platform carbonate cycles and third-order sequences (Lower Ordovician El Paso Group, west Texas): constraints from outcrop data and stratigraphic modeling
PAL 8:6 1993 Andrew H. Knoll
Ian J. Fairchild
Keene Swett
Calcified Microbes in Neoproterozoic Carbonates: Implications for Our Understanding of the Proterozoic/Cambrian Transition
JSP 62:5 1992 Isabel P. Montañez
J. Fred Read
Fluid-Rock Interaction History During Stablilization of Early Dolomites, Upper Knox Group (Lower Ordovician) U. S. Appalchians
PAL 7:6 1992 R. Wood
A. Y. Zhuralev
François Debrenne
Functional Biology and Ecology of Archaeocyatha
JSP 61:4 1991 Andrew D. Miall Stratigraphic Sequences and Their Chronostratyraphere Correlation
PAL 6:5 1991 Rodney Watkins Guild Structure and Tiering in a High-Diversity Silurian Community, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
JSP 60:3 1990 Dennis K. Hubbard
Arnold I. Miller
David Scaturo
Production and Cycling of Calcium Carbonate in a Shelf-Edge Reef System (St Croix, U. S Virgin Islands): Applications to the Nature of Reef Systems in the Fossil Record
PAL 5:5 1990 Roger Buick Microfossil in Archean Rocks: An Appraisal of Spheroids and Filaments from a 3500 Myr Old Chert-Barite Unit and North Pole, Western Australia
JSP 59:5 1989 William F. Koerschner, III
James F. Read
Field and Modeling Studies of Cambrian Carbonate Cycles, Virginia Appalachians
PAL 4:6 1989 Robert G. Maliva
Andrew H. Knoll
Raymond Siever
Secular Change in Chert Distribution: A Reflection of Evolving Biological Participation in the Silica Cycle
JSP 58:2 1988 David Houseknecht Intergranular Pressure Solution in Four Quartzose Sandstones
PAL 3:2 1988 Stephen M. Rowland
Roland A. Gangloff
Structure and Paleoecology at Lower Cambrian Reefs
JSP 57:4 1987 Thomas M. Brown
Mary J. Kraus
Integration of Channel and Floodplain Suites, 1. Developmental Sequence and Lateral Relations of Alluvial Paleosols
PAL 2:3 1987 Robert V. Burne
Linda S. Moore
Microbialites: Organosedimentary Deposits of Benthic Microbial Communities
JSP 56:3 1986 Lee J. Suttner
Prodip K. Dutta
Alluvial Sandstone Composition and Paleoclimate: I. Framework Mineralogy and II. Authigenic Mineralogy
PAL 1:4 1986 Paul L. Smith
Howard W. Tipper
Plate Tectonics and Paleobiogeography: Early Jurassic (Pliensbachian) Endemism and Diversity
JSP 55:5 1985 James M. Rine
Robert N. Ginsburg
Depositional Facies of a Mud Shoreface in Suriname, South America - A Mud Analogue to Sandy, Shallow-Marine Deposits
JP 58:5 1984 Carole S. Hickman Composition, Structure, Ecology and Evolution of Six Cenozoic Deep-Water Mollusk Communities
JSP 54:1 1984 Henry S. Chafetz
Robert L. Folk
Travertinas: Depositional Morphology and the Bacterially Constructed Constituents
JP 57:6 1983 Mark C. Tynan Coral-Like Microfossils from the Lower Cambrian of California
JSP 53:4 1983 Noel P. James
Colin F. Klappa
Protogenesis of Early Cambrian Reef Limestones, Labrador, Canada
JP 56:4 1982 S George Pemberton
Robert W. Frey
Trace Fossil Nomenclature and the Planolites-Palaephycus Dilemma
JSP 52:3 1982 Michael Amdurer
Lynton S. Land
Geochemistry, Hydrology and Mineralogy of the Sand Bulge Area, Laguna Madre Flats, South Texas
JP 55:4 1981 Erle G. Kauffman
James R. Steidtmann
Are These the Oldest Metzoan Trace Fossils?
JSP 51:3 1981 Ronald D. Kreisa Storm-Generated Sedimentary Structures in Subtidal Marine Facies with Examples from the Middle and Upper Ordovician of Southwestern Virginia
JP 54:3 1980 Brett C. Ratcliffe
J. A. Fagerstrom
Invertebrate Lebensspuren of Holocene Floodplains: Their Morphology, Origin and Paleoecological Significance
JSP 50:4 1980 Uwe Brand
Jan Veizer
Chemical Diagenesis of a Multicomponent Carbonate System - 1: Trace Elements
JP 53:5 1979 William I. Ausich
Thomas W. Kammer
N. Gary Lane
Fossil Communities of the Borden (Mississippian) Delta in Indiana Northern Kentucky
JSP 49:2 1979 Harold R. Wanless Limestone Response to Stress: Pressure Solution and Dolomitization
JP 52:3 1978 P. Lewis Steineck
Robert L. Fleisher
Towards the Classical Evolutionary Reclassification of Cenozoic Globigerinacea (Foraminiferida)
JSP 48:4 1978 Bruce H. Wilkinson
Ed Landing
Eggshell Diagenesis and Primary Radial Fabric in Calcite Ooids

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