2010 Medal and Award Recipients

Supported by the SEPM Foundation, Inc.

Medals and awards will be presented to the awardees at the 2010 President's Reception and Awards Ceremony, during the SEPM Annual Meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

  • Twenhofel Medalist: William Galloway
  • Shepard Medalist: David Piper
  • Pettijohn Medalist: Donald Swift
  • Moore Medalist: Jere Lipps
  • James Lee Wilson Award: Shanan Peters
  • Honorary Member: J. Frederick (Rick) Sarg

2009 Excellence of Oral Presentation
David W. Hunt, Arnout Colpaert, Florian Miquelis, Brita Graham-Wall, Gaynor Fisher and Anthony Avu
Palaeozoic Carbonates from the Subsurface Barents Sea Part II: Paleokarst Distribution and Heterogeneity from 3-D Seismic Data

2009 Excellence of Poster Presentation (Co-Awardees)
Jeroen Kenter and Mark Skalinski
Carbonate Pore Type Classification in Tengiz Field, Republic of Kazakhstan

David Pyles and Roger Slatt
Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface data to Define Regional and Reservoir-Scale patterns in Prograding Systems, Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone, Wyoming

2008 Outstanding Paper in Journal of Sedimentary Research
Nikki Strong and Chris Paola
Valleys That Never Were: Time Surfaces Versus Stratigraphic Surfaces, JSR 78:8, pg. 579-593

2008 Outstanding Paper in Journal of Sedimentary Research - Honorable Mentions
Thomas P. Gerber, Lincoln F. Pratson, Matthew A. Wolinsky, Ron Steel, Jeré Mohr, John B. Swenson and Chris Paola
Clinoform Progradation by Turbidity Currents: Modeling and Experiments, JSR 78:3, pg. 220-238

Stacy Lynn Reeder and Eugene C. Rankey
Interactions Between Tidal Flows and Ooid Shoals, Northern Bahamas, JSR 78:3, pg. 175-186

Andrew L. Petter and Tetsuji Muto
Sustained Alluvial Aggradation and Autogenic Detachment of the Alluvial River from the Shoreline in Response to Steady Fall of Relative Sea Level, JSR 78:2, pg. 98-111

2008 Outstanding Paper in PALAIOS
Seth Finnegan and Mary L. Droser
Reworking diversity: Effects of storm deposition on evenness and sampled richness, Ordovician of the Basin and Range, Utah and Nevada, PAL 23:2, pg. 87-96

2008 Outstanding Paper in PALAIOS - Honorable Mention
Mark T. Clementz, Patricia A. Holroyd and Paul L. Koch
Identifying aquatic habits of herbivorous mammals through stable isotope analysis, PAL 23:9, pg. 574-585

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