SEPM Foundation Grants

2015 SEPM Foundation Student Award Winners

Heba Awad, Mansoura University – Egypt
Ashley Berg, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Joy Buongiorno, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Andrew Canada, University of Idaho
Daniel Collins, Imperial College London
Alexander Conti, Ohio University
Colter Davis, Utah State University
Sakineh Are? Fard, Texas A&M University
Clyde Findlay, West Virginia University
Kevin Garrett, Rutgers University
Sarah George, University of Texas at Austin
Neil Grif?s, University of California – Davis
Galen Griggs, University of California – Davis
James Harris, Indiana University – Purdue
Christopher Herbert, University of East Anglia
Christopher Jorgensen, Ohio University
Marine Laborde, Paris
Jordan Lanni, University of California – Riverside
Caitlin Leslie, Baylor University
Aaron Martinez, University of California – Riverside
Sharon McMullen, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Levi Moxness, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Drew Muscente, University of Vermont
Brennan O’Connell, University of Oregon
Elizabeth Olliver, Indiana University
Kathryn Pauls, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Olivia Piazza, University of California – Irvine
Maxwell Pommer, Colorado School of Mines
Ellen Reat, Indiana University
Ryan Roney, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Sarah Sheffield, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Daphnee Tuzlak, Utah State University
Alexander Wall, University of Cincinnati
Kory Wiley, West Virginia University
Allison Young, University of Cincinnati
Marijn Van Cappelle, Imperial College London
Logan Wiest, Baylor University

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