Past Conferences



Research Conference on Autogenic Dynamics of Sedimentary Systems.
August 3-6, 2014 Grand Junction, CO
Conveners: David A. Budd, Elizabeth Hajek, and Sam Purkis

Summary Report


Digital Geospatial Context for 3-D Source-to-Sink Models: New Insights into the Classic Shelf to Basin System of the Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains
April 26-May 1, 2012 Carlsbad, NM
Conveners: Charles Kerans and Jerome A. Bellian and Principal contributors: Ned Frost, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Dave Hunt, David Mohrig, Ted Playton, Phil Resor, and Toni Simo

Summary Report


Paleosols and Soil Surface Analog Systems

September 22-25, 2010

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Convenors: Steven Driese (Baylor University)

  Summary Report 


Field Conference on Sandy Microbial Mats from the Archean to Today

May 21 - 23, 2010

Denver, Colorado and Dinosaur Ridge, Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone, Denver

Convenors: Nora Noffke, Old Dominion University; Henry Chafetz, University of Houston

      Summary Report

   Stratigraphic Evolution of Deep-Water Architecture: Examples on Controls and Depositional Styles from the Magallanes Basin, Chile

February 22-28

Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Convenors: Andrea Fildani, Stephen Hubbard, Brian Romans

     Clinoform Sedimentary Deposits: The Processes Producing Them and the Stratigraphy Defining Them

August 15 - 18

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Convenors: Ron Steel, Charles Nittrouer

      Outcrops Revitalized: Tools, Techniques and Applications

June 22 - 28

     Kilkee, Ireland
     Convenors: Ole Martinsen, Morgan Sullivan, Andy Pulham, Peter Haughton 
      Summary Report


     Ichnological Applications to Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic Problems

May 20 - 26

Price, Utah

Convenors: James MacEachern, George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, Kerrie Bann 



      The Application of Earth System Modeling to Exploration (with GSL)
      July 11 - 13

Snowbird, Utah

Convenors: Paul Markwick, John Suter, Joe Curiale

      Quaternary Reefs and Platforms: Bridging the Gap Between the Ancient and Modern

April 13 - 14

Houston, Texas

Convenors: William Precht, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Richard Aronson

      External Controls on Deep Water Depositional Systems: Climate, Sea-Level, and Sediment Flux

March 27 - 29

London, United Kingdom

Convenors: Ben Kneller, Ole Martinsen, Bill McCaffrey, Henry Posamentier



The Sedimentary Record of Meteorite Impacts

May 21 - 23

Springfield, Missouri

     Convenors: Kevin Evans, Wright Horton, Mark Thompson, John Warme 
      Conference Program
      Conference Summary

      Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils

March 6 - 11

Houston, Texas

Convenors: Thomas Demchuk, Ron Waszczak, Brian O'Neill, Shirley van Heck, Martin Farley

      Seismic Geomorphology: Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (with GSL)

Februrary 10 - 11

Houston, Texas

Convenors: Richard Davies, Joe Cartwright, Henry Posamentier, Lesli Wood, Vickey Sare




Recent Advances in Shoreline-Shelf Stratigraphy

August 24 - 28

Grand Junction, Colorado

Convenors: Gary Hampson, Ron Steel, Pete Burgess, Bob Dalrymple




no conferences were held


Incised Valley Systems: Images and Processes

August 18 - 24

Casper, Wyoming

Convenors: Rod Tillman, Dale Leckie, Bob Dalrymple, Dag Nummedal

      Aquifer Heterogeneity and Environmental Implications Ancient and Modern Coastal Plain Depositional Environments

March 23 - 27

Charleston, South Carolina

Convenors: Mary Harris, Jerry Sexton, Michael Katuna, Tommy Temples


no conferences were held


Environmental Sedimentology: Hydrogeology of Sedimentary Aquifers

September 27 - 27

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Convenors: J. Matthew Davis, Gary Smith

      Paleogeography and Hydrocarbon Potential of the La Luna Formation and Related Cretaceous Anoxic Depositional Systems

September 7 - 10

Caracas, Venezuela

Convenors: Maria Antonieta Lorente, Santosh Ghosh, Felipe Audemard, Cesar Mora, Winston Ali, John Armentrout, Les Magoon, Thomas Villamil, Gregg Blake

      Permo-Carboniferous Carbonate Platforms and Reefs

May 12 - 19

El Paso, Texas

Convenors: Wayne Ahr, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, William Morgan


no conferences were held


Fluid Flow in Carbonates: Interdisciplinary Approaches

September 20 - 24

Green Lake, Wisconsin

Convenors: Toni Simo, Maureen Muldoon, Mark Harris, Ken Bradbury

      Strata and Sequences on Shelves and Slopes

September 4 - 9

Sicily, Italy

Convenors: Michael Field, Serge Berne, Charles Nittrouer, Fabio Trincardi


Jurassic/Cretaceous Carbonate Platform-Basin Systems - Middle East Models

December 4 - 12

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Convenors: A. S. Alsharan, Robert Scott


Carbonates and Global Change: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Wildhaus, Switzerland

June 22 - 27

Convenors: Maria Mutti, Toni Simo, Helmut Weissert, Paul Baker


Alluvial Fans: Processes, Forms, Controls, Facies Models and Use in Basin Analysis

October 17 - 21

Death Valley, California

Convenors: Terence Blair, John McPherson

      Tongues, Ridges, Wedges: Highstand Versus Lowstand Architecture in Marine Basins

June 24 - 29

Casper, Wyoming

Convenors: John Snedden, Don Swift, Guy Plint


Clastic Deposits of the Transgressive Systems Tract: Facies, Stratigraphy, and Reservoir Character

Longbeach, Washington

Convenors: Edward Clifton, Roderick Tillman, Robert Dalrymple

      Basinwide Diagenetic Patterns: Integrated Petrologic, Geochemical, and Hydrologic Considerations

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Convenors: Jay M. Gregg, Isabel Montañez, Kevin Shelton

      Siliciclastic-Carbonate Facies Variations: Sedimentology, Diagenesis, Biogeography

Veracruz, Mexico

Convenors: Paul Krutak, Clifton Jordan, J. Eduardo Aguayo-Carmargo

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