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February 2011, Volume 81, Number 2

Linking onshore-offshore sediment dispersal in the Golo source-to-sink system (Corsica, France) during the late Quaternary
Tor O. SØmme,  David J.W. Piper, Mark E. Deptuck,  and William Helland-Hansen

p. 118-137
April 2011, Volume 81, Number 4
Detrital quartz and zircon combined: the production of mature sand with short transportation paths along the Cambrian west Gondwana margin, northwestern Argentina
Carita Augustsson, Tobias Rusing, Christopher J. Adams, Hannah Chmiel, Mert Kocabayoglu, Makeike Buld, Udo Zimmermann, Jasper Berndt, and Ellen Koojman
p. 284-298

Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, southeastern Utah, U.S.A. indicates a diverse community living in a wet destert ecosystem
David J. Riese, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Georges P. Odier
p. 315-337
June 2011, Volume 81, Number 6 

Sedimentological characterization of the Sego Sandstone (NW Colorado, USA): a new scheme to recognize ancient flood-tidal-delta deposits and implications for reservoir potential

Carly C. York, Clayton S. Painter, and Barbara Carrapa
Appendix A: Raw data from grain-size analysis
p. 401-419  
July 2011, Volume 81, Number 7
Correlation and provenance of Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) fluvial strata, Utah, U.S.A., from zircon U-Pb geochronology and petrology
Timothy F. Lawton and Beth A. Bradford
p. 495-512
August 2011, Volume 81, Number 8
Influence of mixtures of grain-size populations on the parametric and modal characteristics of coastal sands (Herault, Mediterranean Sea, France)
 J. Paul Barusseau
p. 611-629

Spatial and temporal evolution of an avulsion on the Taquari River distributive fluvial system from satellite image analysis

Holly A. Beuhler, Gary S. Weissmann, Louis A. Scideri, and Adrian J. Hartley
p. 630-640
September 2011, Volume 81, Number 9  
Modern heterozoan carbonates from a eutrophic tropical shelf (Mauritania)
Julien Michel, Guillem Mateu Vicens, and Hildegard Westphal
p. 641-655

Constructing sandstone provenance and classification ternary diagrams using an electronic spreadsheet

Khandaker M. Zahid and David L. Barbeau, Jr.
This spreadsheet file was replaced on 5 January 2011 and an Erratum published in the February issue of JSR explaining the error in the first version.
p. 702-707
October 2011, Volume 81, Number 10
Authigenesis of titania minerals and the mobility of Ti: new evidence from pro-deltaic sandstones, Cretaceous Scotian Basin, Canada
Georgia Pe-Piper, Atika Karim, and David J.W. Piper
p. 762-773
  Rapid mud accumulation on the central Texas shelf linked to climate change and sea-level rise
Robert W.R. Weight, John B. Anderson, and Rodrigo A. Fernandez
p. 743-761
December 2011, Volume 81, Number 12
Episodic growth of the Chocolate Mountains anticlinorium recorded by the Neogene Bear Canyon conglomerate, southeastern California, U.S.A.
Jason W. Ricketts, Gary H. Girty, John S. Sainsbury,  Krista K. Muela, Lauren A. Sutton, Melanie A. Biggs, and Erin M. Voyles    
p. 859-873
How porosity and permeablitiy vary spatially with grain size, sorting, cement volume, and mineral dissolution in fluvial Triassic sandstones: the value of geostatistics and local regression
J.M. McKinely, P.M. Atkinson, C.D. Loyd, A.H. Ruffell, and R.H. Worden     
p. 844-858

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