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SEPM Online Publications

SEPM has digitized almost all of its previous publications going back to 1929. 
Access to searching the contents and abstracts is free to everyone.
Access to the full text of these publications are available to SEPM members or as library subscriptions at schools, companies, governments or other organizations,  including: 
SEPM Journals
Journal of Sedimentary Petrology/Journal of Sedimentary Research (1931-present)
PALAIOS (1986-present)

SEPM Online Books Archive I
includes books from the series listed above from 1929-2009.
This archive is available to members via subscription as part of membership or to libraries via yearly subscription or perpetual access purchase.  Contact SEPM HQ ( for details and pricing.
  • Special Publications (books chapter by chapter)
  • Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology (books chapter by chapter)
  • Short Course Notes (books chapter by chapter)
  • Core Workshop Notes (books chapter by chapter)
  • Gulf Coast Section SEPM - Proceedings (books chapter by chapter)
 SEPM Online Books Archive II - includes books from the series listed below from 2010-2014.
This archive is only available to libraries as a collection via subscription or perpetual access purchase.  Individuals can purchase access via Pay-per-View and members or libraries can purchase perpetual access to individual books. Contact SEPM HQ ( for details and pricing.
How to Activate your Member online Access

If as a member you have subscribed to an online journal or the online book archive, here is how you can activate your access. 

To activate your online access: 

·         Go to 

·         Click on subscriptions at the top of the page

·         Click on activate your individual subscription

·         You will need your five digit SEPM Member Number *****.

  • ·        Once activated you will create your own ID and PASSWORD. (Note you only need to activate once and all the book series and your specific journal(s) that you are subscribed to will become activated).