GSA/SEPM Annual Meeting

Update on GSA Annual Convention Technical Program, Baltimore, Maryland, Nov. 1-4, 2015

Lucy Edwards, USGS, JPTC Member.
SEPM worked with the Sedimentary Geology Division of GSA and other related divisions to create a great technical program for the next GSA meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Please consider submitting an abstract.

To submit an abstract, visit the GSA Abstract Submission web page.


June 2015: Release of Third Circular (Registration information, Field Trip Information, Format of Abstracts)
June 2015: Registration and Housing Websites Open
11 August 2015: Abstract Submission Deadline, 11:59 p.m. PDT
28 September 2015: Early Registration Deadline, 11:59 p.m. MDT (registration fees goes up after this deadline)
5 October 2015: Registration Cancellation Deadline
October 2015: Release of 4th Circular

SEPM-Sponsored Technical Sessions

T72. Ethics of Geoscience in Practice and Application
T128. Field and Modeling Approaches to Understanding the Response of Coupled Barrier-Backbarrier Systems to Coastal Change
T142. The Middle Paleozoic World
T144. 200 Years and Going Strong: The Role of Paleontology in Geologic Mapping (Posters)
T148. Cenozoic Evolution of Tropical Biota and Environments: A Session Honoring the Contributions of Ann F. Budd
T151. Foraminiferal Responses and Recovery from Environmental Stressors
T156. Earth Underfoot: New Frontiers in Ichnology and Zoogeomorphology
T157. Eat, Prey, Love, and Burrow: Tracing Animal Behavior through Time
T190. Paleoecological Patterns, Ecological Processes, Modeled Scenarios: Crossing Temporal Scales to Understand an Uncertain Future
T193. Sedimentary Environment and Process Studies: The Emerging Generation of Scientists (Posters)
T195. Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Hominin Sites: New Methods, New Data, and New Insights
T196. Revisiting the Atlantic Continental Margin: New Insights on the Geologic Evolution of North American Passive Margin Basins
T202. Paleosol Case Studies: Resurrecting Ancient Critical Zones through Space and Time
T205. Integration of Microfossils and Sedimentology in Stratigraphic Analysis
T212. Deconstructing Rodinia: Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Geologic Evolution of Laurentia's Margins 

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