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Micropaleontology Student Awards and Funds

As an organization for micropaleontologists, NAMS believes strongly in the importance of supporting development of students in our field. We are active in several initiatives to support student research and professional activities.

Garry Jones - Brian O'Neill Award for NAMS Student Research

Named in memory of former NAMS President Garry Jones and Brian O'Neill, the NAMS Student Research Award is an annual scholarship offered to students working on graduate degrees in the field of micropaleontology.

The 2008 Garry Jones Memorial Grant for NAMS student research recipient was Julie B. Retrum of the University of Kansas for her project “A Paleoclimatic and Paleohydrologic Reconstruction of Pleistocene Fossil Lake, Oregon using Faunal Assemblages”.

Applications for the 2009 award will be solicited in the Fall of 2008, with an expected closing date in February, 2009. Application packages will include an application form, project proposal, and letter of recommendation from the student's advisor.

Mobil Foundation Student Participation Grants for NAMS student members

The Mobil Foundation generously funds an SEPM grant program to provide travel funds for students selected by SEPM Sections to attend the Annual SEPM/AAPG Meeting. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to discover the spectrum of science presented at the Annual Meetings and to begin expanding their professional network, while building a better working relationship between SEPM and its sections. NAMS is pleased to participate in this program to support presentation of a student paper or poster based on research with a substantial micropaleontologic component. An annual call for student papers is sent to the NAMS membership well in advance of AAPG/SEPM meeting abstract deadlines.

Please watch the NAMS newsletter and website for an annoucement seeking applications for the June, 2009 SEPM/AAPG meeting in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please contact one of the NAMS officers.

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